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Chicago High School for Agricultural Sciences.

Chicago High School for Agricultural Sciences.

By Josh Haley, Chicago Agricultural

Welp, finals are officially over and semester two has begun! So far at the Chicago High School for Agricultural Sciences, these last couple of weeks have been packed with major events. First, there was the Japan Exchange program. Towards the end of first semester, a couple of students from the Saijyo High School for Agricultural in Japan came to visit and they were such a joy to have! While I didn’t host a student this year, I was still able to get to know a few of them in my classes and lunch. However, as I’ve previously said, I didn’t host a student this year so unfortunately I can’t provide much detail but I’m sure the students who did host could you give you way more exciting information!

In other news, about two weeks ago, me and a few other students from my school had the honor of participating in the district competition of ‘Parliamentary Procedure CDE.’

“Parliamentary procedure is the body of rules, ethics, and customs governing meetings and other operations of clubs, organizations, legislative bodies, and other deliberative assemblies.” This CDE is designed to allow students to demonstrate their knowledge and skills of parliamentary law and managing. We had practice every Wednesday since winter break, and we ultimately ranked in seventh place and I can’t help but feel like it’s my fault! Mainly, because 1. I didn’t get my personal motion across and 2. I didn’t do well on the oral questions after the meeting. Although, my teammates weren’t upset with me, I still couldn’t help but feel like such a flop!

However, I guess I can only move on forward from here. True, I’m disappointed about ranking low in the competition but I still tried my very best, and my coach and teammates know that! I know there will also be other opportunities for me to display my desires to learn and improve, and just like I told my coach: Although I may not be the most skilled at anything, as long as I have my mind set in the right direction, I shall never give up!

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