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Hillary Clinton addresses supporters in Miami on Super Tuesday. (Getty Images)

Hillary Clinton addresses supporters in Miami on Super Tuesday. (Getty Images)

By Hannah O’Koon, Beacon Academy

Super Tuesday, one of the most important days for the upcoming 2016 Presidential Election, closed its polls in 11 states on March 1. From the results from the various primaries and caucuses that took place, front runners Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump remain untouchable in the polls. In the past, the candidates to win the most states on Super Tuesday have gone on to secure the nomination. However, this election is different because of the very large pool of candidates. As states continue to vote in primaries and caucuses, it is vital for the current front runners to maintain their status to secure the nomination this summer.

For the Democrats, Hillary Clinton maintained her status as the from runner in this election. Former Secretary Clinton took home seven victories, while Senator Sanders took home four wins. Hillary Clinton won in Georgia, Virginia, Alabama, Tennessee, Arkansas, Texas and Massachusetts. Winning both Texas and Massachusetts were big wins for Hillary Clinton. In Texas, many delegates were at stake, and by winning, she took home many of them. Prior to Super Tuesday, many polls predicted that Bernie Sanders would win Massachusetts, as it is near his home state of Vermont and is very liberal. By winning in Massachusetts, Clinton proved that she could compete with Sanders in the liberal North East. Bernie Sanders won Vermont, Colorado, Oklahoma, and Minnesota. All fairly liberal states, Sanders was expected to win given his political stances. The Super Tuesday contests were a victory for Sanders. While he trailed behind Clinton, Bernie Sanders proved that he still can compete with Clinton, who has been nearly define as the more qualified Democrat.

For the Republicans, Donald Trump also maintained his status as the clear front runner. Trump won seven states, followed by Senator Cruz with three wins and Senator Marco Rubio with his first win. Both Governor John Kasich and retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson walked away from Super Tuesday behind the other remaining candidates, with still no wins and very low numbers in the polls. Tuesday was very successful for Donald Trump. Once again, he proved that he can dominate the elections despite his lack of experience. His seven wins explain what the American people are feeling, and how they are reacting to the current political system in the United States. Those who support Trump are generally not supportive of the current political situation. Many are angry at President Obama and his policies. Mr. Trump has promised to “make America great again,” and has encouraged his followers to advocate for him based on this message. Donald Trump has secured his position as the front runner, and the candidate destined for the nomination. Senators Ted Cruz of Texas and Marco Rubio of Florida have started to attack Trump because of his inexperience and opinions. Cruz currently has won four states: Iowa, Texas, Oklahoma, and Alaska. As one of the more conservative Senators, Cruz will most likely continue to win very conservative states. Marco Rubio secured his first win in the moderate state of Minnesota, and he hopes to continue wining in states such as Illinois and Florida.

As the 2016 election continues with more contests in the coming weeks, the candidates will continue to fight for the eventual nominations.

Upcoming Events:

  • Saturday, March 5: Louisiana Primary, Nebraska Democratic Caucus, Kansas Caucuses, Maine Republican Caucus, Kentucky Republican Caucus
  • Sunday, March 6: Maine Democratic Caucus, Puerto Rico Republican Primary
  • Tuesday, March 8: Michigan Primary, Mississippi Primary, Hawaii Republican Caucus, Idaho Republican Primary
  • Tuesday, March 15: Florida Primary, Illinois Primary, Missouri Primary, Ohio Primary, North Carolina Primary, Northern Mariana Islands Republican Caucus



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