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(photo by Tori Boorstein)

By Tori Boorstein, Highland Park

Earlier this year, I began blogging about my struggle with the college application process. The entire time I had one college in mind: the University of Michigan. I tried to utilize all my writing skills and write the four greatest essays that would be good enough to send to their admissions office. After hitting send, it was a waiting game. Each day I waited and waited, until December when Early Action decisions were released.

Sitting at my computer screen, I cried and shook, any normal reaction of an anxious teenage girl awaiting this decision. Screams erupted, no not for me, but for my twin. She was accepted and she was going! I kept sitting and staring at the screen (while crying of course), but an hour later I was met with my deferral notification.

I was crushed, but it wasn’t a rejection. So, I found myself back in the waiting game. The last three months have been brutal to say the least, but this morning at 8:47 a.m. my wait finally came to an end! I had been accepted and I had never felt so happy! I had imagined this day for so long and it was nothing short of amazing. For the last few months, my future seemed blank, but now I cannot wait for the next four years in Ann Arbor!

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