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(Photo by Tori Boorstein)

(Photo by Tori Boorstein)

By Tori Boorstein, Highland Park

Senior year is obviously the most special year in high school, but forget prom or even graduation: before all that we have to make it through spring break. Usually, seniors go with their friends as a last hoorah type of celebration. This year, my friends and I will be traveling to Puerto Vallarta! For four days, we will spend every waking moment together. This trip is made to create long lasting  memories with my high school friends before parting ways with them. Not only am I looking forward to fun room service parties at 2 a.m. together, but just the ability to have them there with me for one of the last times.

Senior year is a lot of things: fun, memorable, but it is extremely scary. After every major event, be it Charity Drive or a football game, I am forced to stop and remind myself, “That was the last time I will ever do that.” In two months, my daily life and annual routines will be completely changed. So, yes, spring break will be probably the most fun I’ll have to date, but when it’s over, that’s it. Months have been passing by as quickly as weeks, and weeks feel like days. For spring break, I hope the next four days feel as long and as joyous as the last four years (and also hopefully my sun rash won’t be as visible as usual).

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