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Caroline Williams, New Trier

While many seniors already know where they will be headed to college, many New Trier juniors and seniors embark on some last minute college visits during their week off. I was in New York last year touring some funky schools. It really does not feel like a vacation when you are looking at academic places. However, those visits are very beneficial in the long run.

Many students stay home. I love traveling, but a break is a break. This quarter at New Trier has been the longest quarter New Trier has ever had. Every student is ecstatic to be permitted a break. Honestly, we’ve earned it. Many students staying home will venture to the city for day trips and simply relax. Possibly, they’ll start a new television show. I suggest “White Collar” or “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.” They are both spectacular shows in their own ways.

I’m sure some other grades do, but many seniors go on “group” vacations (“senior spring break,” as one may refer to it.) Seniors travel with large groups of their friends to some warm destination. Then, they post thousands of pictures. By the time they return to New Trier, all those who follow them on social media will feel as if they also experienced their vacation. It’s really a cool phenomenon. I am not a huge picture taker, so I may be a little judgmental in that realm. I believe that one should experience the moment by actually interacting with their surroundings, as opposed to simply capturing a still image to remember the moment.

Family spring breaks. I’d say this is pretty self explanatory. Any warm destination is a hot spot for us ish-Chicagoans. Many families travel, as a family, to a warm location. Then, they participate in family activities. Such as, dining as a family, swimming as a family, and smiling as a family.

I am not sure how students from other schools spend their time during spring break. As New Trier students, we typically just search for a way to relax.

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