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Riverside Brookfield.

By Che’mari Kent, Riverside Brookfield

May 25th was the last day of my sophomore year at Riverside Brookfield High School! It was a bittersweet moment because although I was ready for the summer I won’t be attending RB for my last two years of high school. When school starts back I’ll be attending DUAA to better my education and help me receive a head start on my college career.

It’s weird because although I didn’t want to attend RB my freshman year, I’ve grown to love it and I’ll miss being a RB Bulldog. I’ve grown so close with my teachers and friends that it’s hard to leave them behind. A part of me wants to stay and a part of me wants to go. I know that I could visit, attend the school dances and go to the football and basketball games but it’s not going to be the same. I’ll miss texting my friends Sky, Kayla, Nicole and Khadijah every morning before first period so we could meet up and go talk/mess with my favorite teacher or go to the vending machines . I’ll miss listening to music and hearing Dmo, Jasmine, Sky or Juila telling me stories in first period. I’ll miss running from the locker room second period because I always thought I’ll be late to class. I’ll miss standing in the halls talking to Antonise, Sky and Alysa or going into Ms. Sullivan’s class before I head to third period. I’ll miss taking pictures and making unlimited Snapchat videos in Chemistry with Tosi, Ethan, Alysa, Jeanene and Leia. I’ll miss my daily naps in Chemistry class too. I’ll miss ditching the first 5 minutes of Gym to run to the lunchroom on the days I was starving. I’ll miss the daily Gym conversations with Bridget, Antonise, Yulonda, Tosi, Nora, Gabi and Tat.  I’ll miss cutting the burger line with Nicole at lunch because the lines would always be long. I’ll miss talking to Bree C. in lunch while we’re waiting to pay.  I’ll miss my daily laughs, Snapchat videos and conversation in English class with Bree D., Amber and Bree C. I’ll miss Geometry when Mrs. Young would always separate Adonis, Hunter and I from each other because we talked entirely way too much. I’ll miss Hunter and Adonis taking my phone making themselves my lock screen and home screen on my phone. I’ll miss Hunter doing his daily dab and hit the folks on my Snap. I’ll miss Adonis always messing with Amber in Geometry. I’ll miss going to Foods with Erin and whenever we had a sub Jasmine and I would roam the halls. I’ll miss going to my favorite teacher class every day after school until she leaves. I’ll miss all of my friends and our inside jokes. I’ll miss when my friends would ditch class and come to whatever class I was in to get me so they won’t be in the hallways alone. I’ll miss always walking to and from school with Caniya. I’ll miss going to my favorite teacher class room sixth period with Destiny and then returning to Geometry late and our teacher never noticed.  I’ll also miss all of the text messages,Facebook messages, calls and Snapchats from my friends whenever I left school early or didn’t come at all.

I can’t believe this is the end!! I know that it will be hard for me to get adjusted to new people, new schedules and new teachers but I know I can do it. I’ll make sure to visit every chance that I get! Although, some of my close friends are also leaving RB we all could still attend the games and homecoming together and it would be like old times. I want to give a special shout out to my favorite teacher Mrs. Hughes for making my sophomore year what it was! Sophomore year went by super quick and wish I could’ve had a little longer to make more memories before the summer. RB you’ve been great to me and my two years there would probably be the best two of my high school years!

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