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Photo by Asia Lee.

Photo by Asia Lee.

By Asia Lee, Rich Central

Emmett Lynch, a former Rich Central alumni and former student at Northern Illinois University is on the come up to being a very well known football star. Emmett made all conference all four years of his high school career, which then led him into playing Division 1 football his Freshman year at NIU. After playing safety for NIU his Freshman and Sophomore year, he is now a Red shirt Sophomore with 3 more years to play and has transferred into a school that has been ranked #3 in the nation in the preseason FCS rankings.

When interviewing Mr.Lynch he says that he enjoyed his first two years of NIU. “I enjoyed my first two years, they were exhilarating. My teammates and coaches were amazing. The team was awesome and the coaches pushed us to our limits to make us the best we could be but I just needed a fresh start.”

When asking Mr.Lynch about his accomplishments at NIU he talks about his recovery that shaped him into the versatile player he is today. “When I first started playing  football for NIU, I was a redshirt but soon after I was injured. When I tore my labrum in my left shoulder in the summer of 2014, I couldn’t do anything for 8 months straight. Once I got back on my feet, I made sure that I spent a bunch of time training, and it helped me get bigger. When going into NIU I was 150 pounds. When I finished up my training at NIU, I ended up leaving 190 pounds. I was making sure that I kept up with my eligibilty.”

Later in the interview, Mr.Lynch says that if you plan on playing footbal for NIU go for it! He says make sure you check in with the school, the coaches, and teammates before deciding, just to ensure that, that college  is for you.

Mr.Lynch also states that,”At NIU I played safety, but I felt like I was a safety that could play corner.” when being questioned about what position he held and what position he planned on playing when transferring to University of Northern Iowa.

When questioned about why he was transferring Mr. Lynch says,”University of Northern Iowa has been ranked #3 in the nation in the preseason FCS rankings. This school stuck out to me more and more to me as I began the process of transferring. I sent them my video and they were interested. The coaches immediately wanted me to get into the summer program before Fall.”

“I honestly think I won’t keep playing one position like I was at  University of Northern Illinois. I’m looking to play at a higher level. I have been legit on UNI’s campus since June practicing in the summer program leading into fall camp,” says Mr.Lynch.

“Some advice I can give to people who wish to go far with football, is to stick to it. If you plan on taking it to the next level, stay dedicated. Act as if Football is a job. Your training is what will take you far, go hard or go home,” says Mr. Lynch.

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