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By Jonathan Poole, Chicago Agricultural

Summer break is finally here! Now it’s time to move on up to junior year! Sophomore year has taught me a lot and has showed me that hard work and effort is a key necessity for getting the job done. Even though I’m halfway through high-school, there are two more years left that will be more stressful than ever. Even though we can relax all we want during summer break, it is never too early to prepare. A lot of work is approaching us and we have to be ready for anything. First, the ACT/SAT Tests will be given to juniors. Preparing early is a perfect way to get ready for these tests. There are many ways to prepare. For example: taking prep classes, studying, and so much more. One of the best examples of preparing is simply reading in your spare time. Also, in two years you will be attending college and studying your intended major. It’s never too early to look at colleges and receive information about them. Go on college visits and perform research on what school may be right for you. Also, you will have to decide what to study and what your career interests are. There are many fields of study out there, so start now! There are programs you can attend with your choices of study and opportunities to discover where you belong. Always take career-related opportunities when given! Since, college is approaching, you will also need to find a way to pay for college and higher education. You can start searching for scholarships and grants and prepare yourself for applications. One way you can start is by preparing a resume and building upon it. A resume will be needed for many future applications and endeavors. Make sure you stay involved in your school and community and do whatever it takes to impress others. Even though our summer break is a time to sit-back, there is some time to get ahead and prepare to be successful.

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