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By Che’mari Kent, Riverside Brookfield

August 7th is known for a variety of national days. I’m going to talk about three of six topics that’s observed on August 7th.

(Photo by Che'mari Kent)

(Photo by Che’mari Kent)

American Family Day

American Family Day was used to encourage families to spend time together and focus on creating stronger and better bond with one another. This holiday is recognized on the first Sunday in August  and became official when Governor Raul Castro signed the 1 year proclamation declaring August 7, 1977 as American Family Day. On this day, we celebrated the 40th year of our family reunion. We enjoyed each other’s company by attending our family church, going out to lunch at Cheddar’s in Bolingbrook and ending the day at a family member’s house. Being around family brings love, happiness, laughter and peace. Family are the ones who you can be yourself around. bond over memories, and laugh until your crying. While we were enjoying our meals at Cheddar’s we also talked and prayed for ourselves as individuals and for us as family. Of course, we laughed, talked and snapped a thousand pictures. As we departed the restaurant and made our way to my cousins and aunt house in Westmont to keep the celebration going. Watching my little cousins play basketball, my aunts play cards and my older cousins retelling family memories really made me cherish the moment. Life is so short and being able to spend your quality time surrounded by the ones you love the most is priceless. I love my family and I wouldn’t have wanted to spend my Sunday any other way.

(Photo by Che'mari Kent)

(Photo by Che’mari Kent)

National Friendship Day

 National Friendship Day was founded by Hallmark in 1919. It was designed to help people celebrate their friendships by sending cards, letters and just gifts in general. However, in 1940 the market ended up dying out completely. In 1998 Winnie the Pooh was named the world’s Ambassador of Friendship at the United Nations, and in April of 2011 the United Nations formed International Friendship Day on the 30th of July. Most countries still celebrate friendship day on the first Sunday of August. I’ll like to dedicated National Friendship Day to the best guy friends a girl could ever have. Although, I don’t call all four of them my brothers they act like it. Whenever I need them, they’re always there! They consider me as their sister and are always over protective when it comes to me. They are great listeners and the best to go to for honest advice. Ethan, my bestfriend, has been by my side since freshman year. Even though, he’s annoying I’ll never trade him for anything. My brother Daniel likes to go by Dmo has really made my sophomore year what is was. Although, we knew each other freshman year we really didn’t bond until sophomore year. Hunter, my brother, is very jealous and hates that I call Dmo my brother. We became close because he’s my favorite teacher/ school mom son. Adonis, my twin, he’s definitely the male version of myself. We started calling ourself twins because we acted so much alike only to find out that we have the EXACT same birthday. They dislike me soooo much for leaving them at school all by themselves for our last two years, but they know they will always be my favorite boys!

(Photo by Che'mari Kent)

(Photo by Che’mari Kent)


National Sisters Day

This day is your chance to appreciate the unique bond only sisters can understand. While researching I wasn’t able to identify the creator of National Sisters Day. I wasn’t born with any siblings but I want to dedicate this day to a friend who became more like my unbiological sister. Caniya is not my sister by blood but she’s my sister by loyalty. Even though, Caniya is a grade level under me, it still doesn’t make this relationship any different. I met Caniya when she came to my school as a freshman. We bonded and I didn’t expect us to be as close as we are now. Everywhere I go she go and my family treats like their own. Caniya knows that I’ll be there for here whenever she needs me. We’ve shared secrets and had memories that no one else but us would understand. There’s nothing or no one that could come between us. If it’s us against the world than so be it, I love my sister and I always will. We do everything together and you’ll rarely see one without the other. We’re bestfriends by choice, sisters by chance. I know that I don’t have to worry about Caniya switching up because we made a promise that we’ll always stay by each other’s side.

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