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(Photo by Rachel Chung)

(Photo by Rachel Chung)

By Rachel Chung, Vernon Hills

As this is my first year with The Mash, I have decided to start it all off with an introduction. My name is Rachel Chung, and I am going to be a sophomore at Vernon Hills High School. I have just recently turned the budding age of 15, and I am currently back at school and hating it. I do take the Journalism: School Newspaper class at school but other than that, I have no other experience with writing articles or blog posts. I’ve loved writing since I was in third grade when I realized that I was not terribly bad at it, unlike how I am with math. Thus, I’ve realized that my future will hold more opportunities involving writing and very few with mathematics.

My life is a simple one involving loads of homework and my idea of fun: watching Youtube, reading, and online shopping. I rarely go out because I am a homebody with some dormant extroverted qualities. While others may be going about hanging out with friends and exploring the world, you can be sure to find me at home, watching Youtube on my laptop, and eating my latest obsession of frozen Gogurts. My reading has seriously downscaled over the years as I find myself getting bored with most books. All book recommendations are welcome.

Other than school, I really don’t do much as I don’t participate in many extraordinary extracurriculars. I have no athletic ability whatsoever, and the idea of joining a team sport appalls me. Since I was a kid, I’ve always enjoyed playing inside and watching endless episodes of Arthur rather than being rowdy and romping about outside; I was a child vampire at heart. I am involved in a few clubs like JSA (Junior State of America), VHGive, and Best Buddies.

When I’m not spending time at home in my bed, you can be sure to find me trying to find the best Instagram shots with my friends. I am currently on the hunt for some pretty flower fields. My Instagram is @rachellchung if you care to follow my journey. I love going to brunch with my friends, and I’m always chatting away at Egg Harbor, Panera, and Wildberry. I am also an avid movie watcher, and I have a mixed taste for action, superhero, and romcoms. I can also be found expressing my love for Matt Damon, Leo Dicaprio, and Camille Rowe on a whim.

Many of my posts for The Mash Insider will be involving updates on Vernon Hills High School, opinion posts (as I love telling my take on things), talking about my personal experiences, and my amateur reviews on different events, books, movies, shows, and music.

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