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By Jonathan Poole, Chicago Agricultural

Some of our summers are coming to an end for the year and we have to transition back to school mode. We all know that means that we have to get back  on our feet and prepare to get back to work. This goes for all, but especially for those entering the school year as juniors. When we think about it it, the ACT/SAT, homework, and college readiness comes to mind. Although this seems like a lot, it is up to you to put these factors into consideration and stay on top of them so you can be successful. However, there are many things you can do to help manage these things.

First, stay on track with your classes as well as your grades. If needed, talk to your counselor and make sure your the appropriate classes are being completed and that you are passing those classes. GPA and class rank are both put on your transcript, so it is important that they are in tip-top shape so you can impress colleges and other organizations. Second, prepare for standardized standard tests like the ACT and SAT. These tests may be sent to colleges and other organizations too, so always give every test your all. But don’t worry, there are many things that can be done. For instance, you can prepare by taking classes, reviewing using workbooks and websites, and doing simple academic activities such as reading. Remember, these tests can be retaken in times such as in the beginning of your senior year if you don’t feel comfortable with your score.

Next, always make sure that you are involved in an extra-curricular activity such as a club or sport sometime in the year. These help you take on a leadership role in your school and learn new things. They  strengthen your college applications and show others how involved and motivated you are. In addition, you should start to look at colleges and universities as well as areas you are interested in studying. There are several places to study and so many majors out there to pursue. Some actions you can take includes setting up college visits, signing up for college mailing lists, and talking to staff and students from different colleges/universities. Furthermore, think more about what your interests might be and what you want to study. In order to find your interests, talk to others and consider your options. You can also go apply for internships and other programs to explore what you want to study.

Last but not least, make a plan about how you might fund your higher education. Talk to the financial aid staff at your intended place of study for instance. Another thing you can do is start to fill out your FAFSA Application and research  scholarships. Apply to as many scholarships as you can, they will greatly benefit you paying for school and knowing that they don’t have to be paid back. There’s almost a scholarship for anything that associates interests, backgrounds, and performance.

Junior year is a big year for all. Two more years and then you go and study for your career. Even though this many seem like a lot, there are so many ways to prepare for what’s going to come. If you take action this year, you can be able to plan out your future and succeed.

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