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By Cailey Gleeson

With the anticipated sixth season of “American Horror Story” set to premiere September 14 on FX, avid viewers wait in anticipation for the program’s terrifying return—especially with the endless mysterious promos surrounding the season.

The horror anthology is no stranger to the classic plot twist. It’s almost as if the writers can’t bear to let their viewers have peace of mind as they eagerly wait for each new episode. As frustrating as it may be at times, these moments are one of the reasons why the show is so successful.

What could possibly be done to top previous seasons?

It’s almost too scary to think about…

Out of all the shocking twists, here is the top ten jaw-dropping moments thus far in “American Horror Story” history.

“Murder House”

1. Tate’s past

From the start, it was obvious there wasn’t something right with Tate (Evan Peters). Perhaps it was just his good looks or his passionate love for Violet (Taissa Farmiga), but I didn’t take him for a homicidal maniac at all. Unfortunately, this perception of Tate completely changed with the sixth episode of the first season. After extensive research on the bloody massacre of her school prior to her attendance, Violet discovers that Tate was in fact the shooter—and was killed by police hours after carrying out the act.

2. Rubberman’s identity

Evan Peters’ character makes the list again. Once more, his relationship with Violet and good looks clouded my judgment, but he was the last person that I thought would be Rubberman. Throughout the season, the clues led me to believe the masked man was Chad (Zachary Quinto), who was trying to get revenge for the murder-suicide that cut his life short.

Despite the disappointment and shock from the reveal, it was simply brilliant on part of the writers. Before truly realizing his love for Violet, Tate never considered the ramifications of his actions, and it was too late for him to rectify these mistakes after he inadvertently ruined her life.


3. Dr. Thredson’s alter ego

While he may not have been Rubberman, Zachary Quinto was one of the main antagonists in the show’s second season. In sharp contrast to previous storylines, Evan Peters’ character was innocent of the crimes he was accused of—and Quinto’s character was actually the culprit. Briarcliff Manor was full of criminally insane people who would’ve likely been the sadistic Bloody Face. Instead of going the stereotypical route, the writers chose to shock everyone and make the killer Dr. Thredson—the therapist aiding in the rehabilitation of the patients.

4. Alma kills Grace

“Asylum” was full of aliens, Nazi doctors, and possessed nuns; however, nothing was as bizarre as the polygamous relationship that ended in murder. Kit (Evan Peters), Alma (Britne Olford) and Grace (Lizzie Brocheré) were raising their children in quasi-harmony until Alma snapped and killed her sister wife. Despite what you may think, it wasn’t in a fit of jealous rage over Kit…it was about aliens. After continual disagreements about the beings that abducted them both, Alma takes an axe to Grace in the middle of their home—and leaves Kit to clean up the mess.


5. Madison’s murder

Even though Madison (Emma Roberts) ended up being killed twice, I can’t say she didn’t deserve it. Out of everyone, she was the most manipulative and conniving witch in the entire coven. At the thought of being replaced as Supreme, Fiona (Jessica Lange) killed her in a fit of jealous rage, which was completely unnecessary. The second—and last—time she’s killed is for a slightly less selfish reason. Despite everything that Zoe (Taissa Farmiga) did for her, she refused to save her life after a freak accident. As a result, Kyle (Evan Peters) takes matters into his own hands and ends Madison’s life once and for all.

6. The Next Supreme

Throughout the entire season, signs increasingly indicated that Misty (Lily Rabe) was to be the coven’s next ruler. While there were points that it pointed to Zoe and Madison, Misty eventually prevailed. Despite the aforementioned clues, Cordelia (Sarah Paulson) eventually became the Next Supreme. While Cordelia was equally deserving of the title, Misty’s fate was completely unwarranted.

“Freak Show”

7. Twisty’s fate

From all of the promos surrounding the season—and his threatening appearance—there was an unspoken yet widespread assumption that John Carroll Lynch’s killer clown character would be the main antagonist. However, the show’s writers had a different plan for Twisty. After revealing his absolute heartbreaking backstory to Dandy (Finn Wittrock), he meets his shocking end in the fourth episode of the season.

8. Dandy’s massacre

Dandy was one of the darkest characters in the show’s history—and that’s saying a lot. Despite this, no one could’ve expected his complete massacre of everyone’s freak show favorites in the season finale. Not only were dedicated ‘AHS’ fans angry because their favorite characters were senselessly killed, many considered the massacre to be sloppy writing in a quick attempt to wrap up many of the unfinished storylines of the season.


9. The Ten Commandment Killer’s identity

Who would’ve thought that the sadistic killer being tracked by one of LA’s finest was actually the lead investigator himself? John’s (Wes Bentley) increasingly dark obsession with the killer came to a head in one of the last episodes of the season when John realized HE was actually the killer.

Oh, and he was actually dead too—but who doesn’t this show kill off?

10. Iris and Liz’s shooting spree

Just minutes after Donovan (Matt Bomer) was dancing to Drake, he was killed in a shootout that was meant to end The Countess’ (Lady Gaga) reign of terror. Even though the deadly actions of Gaga’s character ruined everyone around her, I don’t think anyone was expecting Iris (Kathy Bates) and Liz (Denis O’Hare) to take matters into their own hands because of their overall laidback demeanor throughout the season.

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