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By Angela Choksi, Barrington

As October creeps closer, many students may or may not be looking forward to Homecoming Week. For most high school students, Homecoming Week is a celebration of passionate school spirit, combined with the anticipation of the Homecoming Football Game, and the Homecoming Dance. For some others, however, Homecoming is often a time of worry- Will someone ask me to the Dance? What if I don’t find a dress that I absolutely love? What if the girl that I want to go to the Dance with is already going with someone else? These are just a few of the many questions that nervous high school students think to themselves in the weeks leading up to Homecoming. The same applies to the Football players- What if we lose our own Homecoming Game? How embarrassing would that be? The majority of the school nonetheless, is emphatically and happily indulging in their school’s spirit- Dressing up in their school colors, Making new themes for each day of the Homecoming Week, and having a bit of friendly competition between the 4 classes, such as Trivia during Lunch, or the highest sale of raffle tickets. There is also a lot of hype associated with Homecoming, however, especially the Dance: The stress of trying to find the perfect dress, in a matching color with one’s date, finding the perfect pair of shoes- comfortable enough to be able to dance in, yet trendy, making appointments at the fanciest salon in town for the most gorgeous makeup, and the picture perfect hair, and the race to be the prettiest girl in the room. Not to mention, the weeks and months of preparation that the Student Council and staff of the high school go through and the effort that they put into decorating the gymnasium, coming up with a theme, and organizing snacks and beverages to ensure that the students have a blast at the Dance. In my mind, Homecoming is a time when the entire school comes together as a community, and shares a bond stronger than at any other time of the year. They are happy, they are excited, and they are competitive, but in a friendly manner. The joy and elation surrounding this week is almost tangible, and that is what makes it so special. Regardless of the anxiety and anticipation before the “big” game, the entire school comes together, in spirit, wearing spirit colors, and following themes, leaving no distinction between Juniors and Seniors, Sophomores and Freshman. That strong bond, and that charming collectiveness of the school is what makes Homecoming truly the most exciting time of the school year.

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About angelachoksi

Angela Choksi is a Junior at Barrington High School. She currently serves as the Captain of her high school's Debate Team, started a successful Poetry Club, and is an Executive Member of her school's Fine Art's Board, Relay for Life, UNICEF Club, as well as the Barrington Giving Day Board, among other extracurriculars like Math Team, Spanish Club, and Scholastic Bowl, all while managing a rigorous AP course load. She plays Badminton and Tennis for her school, and is a voracious reader, a lover of Classics, and Non-Fiction. She loves learning new languages, and is fluent in 5, including, Hindi, Gujarati, Marathi, English, and Spanish. She wishes to major in Economics and Political Science, while minoring in Foreign Policy and Finance, and hopes to attend Law School. She loves keeping up with current affairs, and her favorite pastimes are spending time with her family, and her puppy, Coco, and volunteering her time to help better her community. She is a trained classical Kathak dancer, and an accomplished Pianist. She has received numerous awards for her outstanding Community Service, including the Presidential Service Award, as well as Academic Awards for Congressional Debate, and Business Professionals of America, where she was a National Qualifier in the Interview Skills and Human Resource Management categories.

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