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By Gianna Gordon, Nazareth

It’s important to remember the significance of quotes, and essentially how they can change your outlook on life. I came across a bible reference the other day, and it really touched me in realizing the approach everyone should take on everyday life.

“In god’s timing, he restores everything so good, you could not imagine it yourself.”

I think a lot of people disregard the idea that God has such a strong impact on your life, which may be true depending on your religious beliefs, however God does plan out everything. Although our decisions and opportunities we put ourselves in ultimately decide what our future may hold, it’s comforting to know that good things are always in store for us.

More than anything, this quote I came across affirmed to me that there are moments in your life when you think that a certain situation that you put yourself in set you back in a way that you cannot get yourself out of, or when you are in a dark time in your life where you think you will never get out of. But by knowing in the back of your mind that God has a plan for you, and there are more times ahead of you that are so unthinkable, should be able to get you out of any hole you may come across in life.

When you think about the future, always remember that there is a plan for you so unthinkable, that anything that’s coming will come, and we will meet it when it does.

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