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"Scream Queens." (Steve Dietl / AP)

“Scream Queens.” (Steve Dietl / AP)

By Jessica Bond, Kenwood, and Kathleen Nolan, Nazareth

Returning to TV

“Scream Queens” (Fox)

“Scream Queens” is everything you love about horror movies and “Mean Girls” put into one show. Last season, we were all on the edge of our seats wondering who the Red Devil was, and this season all the old feels are coming back. This season taking a place in a hospital 3 years into the future into the future. Chanel is now working for Dean Munsch in a whole new environment, trying to survive all of the mysterious occurrences happening in the hospital amongst new and old faces.

“Teen Wolf” (MTV)
For the past 5 seasons, we have grown up with the group at Beacon Hills. We’ve seen it all; many of our favorite characters have died or left without a trace. The farewell season will no doubt be emotional for diehard fans. Saying goodbye to a cast we have grown up with will be difficult, but hopefully thrilling

“American Horror Story” (FX)
– When you think of “American Horror Story,” you instantly think of being scared out of your mind and not being able to go to sleep for weeks on end. For the past 5 seasons, American Horror Story has definitely delivered all the frights and shivers we are expecting. Although not much is known yet about about season 6, the fact that it’s about children and Roanoke Colony means we can definitely expect more sleepless nights!

“Grey’s Anatomy”
“Grey’s Anatomy” has been making audiences laugh and cry for years, and season 13 will be no exception. The season 12 finale left many loose ends untied, like April giving birth at Meredith’s house, Jo revealing that she is married, and leaving it up in the air as to whether Amelia and Owen will be able to go through with their wedding. From what we know so far, the season 13 premiere will feature the repercussions Alex has to face for attacking Andrew, and how it will affect his relationship with Jo. Hopefully, many of the other issues left unfinished will be cleared up as well. Season 13 premiered September 22nd on ABC.

The Voice
As many contestants that go on the voice, all they want is for one or more of the celebrity coaches to turn their chair around during the blind auditions and some are lucky enough to do so. With new celebrity coaches to be added this season, we will definitely be anticipating who the next big star will be.

“Supernatural” (CW)
“Supernatural has been scaring, thrilling, and captivating audiences for 11 seasons, and season 12 doesn’t look like it will disappoint! All our jaws dropped at the end of season 11, which concluded with the return of Mary Winchester, who died when Sam and Dean were children. With their mother back and Amara defeated, audiences all over the world will get to see the Winchester family reunite to hunt ghosts, demons, and angels together for the first time. Season 12 is scheduled to premiere on October 13th on the CW.

Returning to Netflix

“Once Upon a Time”

“Once Upon a Time” fans have been anxiously waiting for season five to come onto Netflix, and it’s finally here! The season four finale left audiences in utter shock when Emma saved Regina by becoming The Dark One. Season five covers Emma’s struggle to control her new dark magic and the overwhelming power that comes along with it. Fans are scrambling to binge-watch season five so they can be caught up by the time season six premieres!

“Young and Hungry”
“Young and Hungry” is a creative and hilarious show on Freeform that follows Gabi, a food blogger who gets hired as the personal chef of Josh, a successful and wealthy entrepreneur. The sitcom stars Emily Osment and Jonathan Sadowski, and is sure to make you laugh out loud.

New to TV

“Atlanta” (FX)
The coming of age story that isn’t like all the others. Atlanta stars Donald Glover, AKA Childish Gambino, as an Ivy League dropout who has recently moved to Atlanta. He is now trying to bring back hope into family and trying to make it big without losing the self dignity he has left.

“Speechless” is the story of a somewhat dysfunctional family, that makes dysfunctional look good. Living in an upper-middle class community where they don’t seem to fit in Speechless relates to anyone who has felt left out in their communities

“The Good Place”
“The Good Place,” starring Kristen Bell, follows the story of a young woman named Eleanor who dies and gets sent to “the good place,” the afterlife for people who were kind and generous on Earth. However, Eleanor realizes that she is being mistaken for someone else, and must decide whether she wants to stay in the afterlife or return to her dull life on Earth.

New to Netflix

Easy (Netflix)

“Easy” is an original comedy series set in Chicago, following how different people explore modern culture. The eight-episode anthology emphasizes the unique ideas about love and life that shape the 21st century, and how technology and societal advances have contributed to them.

The OA (Netflix)
“The OA” is an eight-episode original drama scheduled to premiere within the next few months. Netflix has not set an official release date or revealed much about the plot, besides that it will be starring Brit Marling and will be very edgy. Make sure to keep an eye out for more information as it is released!

Luke Cage (Netflix)
“Luke Cage” is a brand-new action/adventure show based off the Marvel comic series. Starring Mike Colter, the program follows Luke cage, an ex-convict who uses his superhuman strength to fight crime. The series is scheduled to premiere on September 28th on Netflix.

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