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By Megan Mehta, Naperville Central

Watching YouTube videos is something that many people like to do on the daily. The YouTube videos I usually  watch are either vlogs or beauty videos. Here are my favorite YouTuber’s.

When it comes to lifestyle videos, I have a few favorites. My first is Katy Bellotte, or better known as HelloKaty on the Internet. Katy is a college student who is currently taking a semester abroad in Italy. Her video content includes beauty, fashion, and Q & A videos. Occasionally, you will see her film vlog style videos, but for the most part, she really likes filming videos where she answers questions and tells stories about her adventures in college. One of my favorite videos by Katy is her What’s in my Bag Video from when she went to BeautyCon. Her editing and filming skills in this video, and all of her other videos are superb. If you are looking for videos where you will always see something new, Katy’s got you.

Another lifestyle/ beauty YouTuber is a Danielle Carolan. Danielle’s video content is similar to Katy’s but Danielle films a lot more vlog style videos. Her videos are also very well edited and filmed. I enjoy watching her videos because she is a high school student. It’s interesting to see how other people live life, in a different state. Danielle lives in Florida, so most of the places that she features in her vlogs are of pretty scenes at the beach. Who wouldn’t want to great shots of the beach? My favorite videos to watch from Danielle are her Weekend in My Life videos.

Steph and Mel, or better known as TheFashionCitizen on YouTube also make very creative videos. Most of their content is fashion and vlogs. Their fashion sense is very unique, since most of the clothing pieces they wear are from thrift stores. They are more edgy and have a great sense of style. My favorite videos to watch from them are their weekly vlogs and also their thrift hauls. It’s fun to see their cool finds from the thrift store.  If you are looking for something unique, TheFashionCitizen doesn’t disappoint.

Occasionally, if I need a break from the lifestyle and beauty content, I like to watch vlogs or travel diaries. One of the best pair of YouTuber’s when it comes to creating travel diaries and creative videos, are Brad and Hailey Devine. They are married and have two daughters. They are really into traveling and loving making cute videos about their life story. Brad and Hailey are actually videographers by profession, so you can expect some really nice footage. My favorite video by this couple is their Twelve Countries in 12 Months video.  If you are looking for a different take on life, Brad and Hailey always are always a treat.

My last favorite YouTuber is Monica Church. Monica used to be a beauty guru on YouTube, she is better known as Hairodynamic because of it. Now she has turned a new leaf. She created a vlog channel, and she says that she is in a Millennial Life Crisis. I find her vlogs really entertaining, and she also really tries to get great footage from wherever she travels. You can never go wrong with watching vlogs. You feel like you actually know the vlogger because you watch life through their eyes.  

If you ever need a break from studying, watching one of the many videos that I mentioned will definitely give your mind a break for a little bit. Happy watching!

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