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(Photo courtesy of Chicago Bagel Authority)

(Photo courtesy of Chicago Bagel Authority)

By Elizabeth Goldblatt, Jones

We’ve all been there: Sitting around, loathing ourselves for our indecisiveness and extreme hunger. Telling ourselves in agony, the fact of the matter, that even in one of the city’s best neighborhoods, you STILL have nowhere to eat. Or, even worse, getting stuck in a routine pattern of just eating at Starbucks.

Fortunately for you, I’ve compiled a list of the best places to eat in Lincoln Park that won’t empty your wallet and will keep you trying new things.

  • Chicago Bagel Authority ($2-10) 953 W Armitage Ave.

Located a few steps away from the Armitage brown line stop, the Chicago Bagel Authority is a unique eatery for those who prioritize witty menus and delicious greasy food over instagrammable salads (side note: they do serve salads). The joint’s claim to fame is their steamed bagels. The bagels are so good, they have held their own against “Einstein’s Bagels,” which moved in across the street in 2011, and closed a few years later. It was a win for neighborhood bagel shops everywhere. To recommend just one bagel from their extensive menu is nothing short of a challenge; however, I often go with The Clayboy – a mix of Turkey, muenster, sprouts, tomato, avocado & honey mustard on plain ($7.5).  

  • Interurban Cafe & Pastry Shop ($2-7) 2008 N Halsted St.

Truly a hidden gem, Interurban Cafe & Pastry Shop can be found through an alley on Armitage, just west of Halsted. Once you ignore your first reaction, which may question eating somewhere located in an alley, you will find yourself pleasantly surprised by the obvious execution of health code requirements and amazing selection of pastries and original drinks that deserve at least one michelin star. You will feel like the savvy city resident that  you are as you make the treck to this café and enjoy reasonably priced food – that only you know of.

  • Blue Door Farm Stand Too ($4-12) 711 W Armitage Ave.

If you long for a healthy meal, with ingredients gathered from local farms and farmer’s markets, Blue Door Farm Stand is the place for you. Everything served is served fresh and of the highest of quality, a trait missing in most Chicago lunch locations. The location at the moment functions only as “take-out,” due to a transitional state between restaurants. A cool tid bit of information is that Blue Door Farm was once Oprah Winfrey’s Indiana Property. So, not only will you be enjoying good food, but you can bask in the enjoyment that a part of you is now that much closer to the farming legend herself. Even though you can’t sit down here, the Brussels & Kale salad alone is worth an arm and a leg. I kid you not, it is my favorite salad ever.

  • Del Seoul ($2-13) 711 W Armitage Ave.

Del Seoul is where Korean street food is taken off the streets, and into a stable structure on Clark Street. Michelin Guide boasts the restaurant is speedy, flavorful, and great for sharing. I found the place during my period of constant dumpling cravings in 2014 and have enjoyed it ever since. It’s quick, casual, and completely unique. Stop by for Korean BBQ, kimchi, or tacos, you will be satisfied by just about anything they serve!

  • Floriole Cafe & Bakery ($3-14) 1220 W Webster Ave.

A local favorite, Floriole has delicious food and a great atmosphere. What began as a stand at the Green City Market is now a spacious place to either do work or catch up with friends. If you go, make sure to check out the rooftop vegetable garden, where they grow many of their own ingredients. My favorite menu item is the ricotta toast on sourdough bread with ricotta, almonds and honey. Truly a community place, they host a few events every month – if you’re a foodie, make sure to check this out.

  • La Creperia ($7-15) 2845 N Clark St.

With the historical significance of being Chicago’s first Creperie in 1972, La Creperia is authentic, delectable, sweet and savory. In 2014, after 41 years, the place was set to close its doors. It was in those final weeks that nostalgic customers lined up night after night for one last crepe. A few years later this restaurant was literally back by popular demand! When inside, you are taken to a quaint street side restaurant in old France, complete with old wallpaper and charming service. While it is more expensive than the other recommended listings, treat yourself to crepes so good, you’ll soon be  as loyal as the devoted customers who have kept it alive!


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