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By Serena Bernal, Metea Valley 

In recent years, I’ve found myself more aware of being surrounded by a society that is opposed to change. A population that is so traditional and sedimentary in its decisions and opinions, that it is nearly impossible to shift the foundation without ridicule.

Change. It’s a word that startles people. It’s a term that has been associated with negative connotation for years upon years. Change or difference has been dubbed risky and unconventional. Thus, our community despises it. Any sort of change makes people nervous and uneasy. Whether that be changes in presidency, changes in environment, or changes in the general norm; change has never been well-liked. In fact, change creates so much of a conflict for people, they completely deny that it occurs. The evidence may be completely present, the facts solid and hole-free, yet people are so uninterested in accepting a differentiation that they simply… don’t. They suppress the consideration and replace it with one that satisfies the cookie cutter needs of their mind.

For society, change is like fitting a triangle block into a square space. It doesn’t work, and it never will work. “It simply doesn’t make sense”, they say.

But why? Change can be positive. Change can bring new experiences. It can immerse us in a new perspective, and it can manufacture a view of the world that is both multi-layered and detailed in its workings. Change helps create who we are. Our personality itself is built from change and how we adapt to it. Learning from differences and absorbing experiences is how we created the foundation for who we are, and without it, we would be nothing more than a simplistic circle of tradition. Change helps us cut edges and make indents in our being. It’s what distinguishes us. Humans flourish from change and the gifts it brings them. Each experience that follows a change helps us grow. It adds a new tool to the toolbox that we can use to assemble the pieces of our complex and unique character.

Our culture should change what it thinks about change. Instead of believing so heavily in our opinions, we should open our minds to new ideas. New views on life can do nothing but help us. They can equip us for the challenges of the future, and can enhance our considerations of the world. Change isn’t a mechanism of degeneration, rather, it’s a mechanism of development in thinking and personality. By recognizing that change is positive, you are allowing yourself to pave a clearer path to success. In essence, change your mindset on change, for it can only bring affirmation.

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About Serena Bernal

Serena Bernal is a Junior at Metea Valley High School. She loves to write about the world around her and is always eager to learn from her experiences.

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