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(Photo by Josh Haley)

(Photo by Josh Haley)

By Josh Haley, Chicago Agricultural 

As I write this article the date is October 16th. Now if you’re an avid Disney fan like I am, you may be aware that it was on this day in 1923 that The Walt Disney Company was founded. Disney films are something that played a very important role in my childhood, whether it was a rainy evening at my grandmother’s house or brother-sister bonding time, there was never a dull moment when one of these movies were playing.

So in honor of this historic day, I’d like to take my blog in a new direction by starting something called ‘Disney Mania.’ Every week, I’ll submit 1-3 post(s) centered on a Disney classic. This will include both Disney and Disney•Pixar movies, also I will only be focusing on the animated films. Each post will be relatively short and I’ll be sharing my personal feelings about the film, as well as fun facts.

Disney is responsible for so many great memories of mine (although you’re dealing with someone who’s never been to Disney World or any Disney theme park for that manner.) While ‘Disney Mania’ is underway, I still plan to submit blog posts about current and upcoming events at my school.

Stay tuned!

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