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By Josh Haley, Chicago Agricultural 

Aladdin is Disney’s 31st animated feature film and also one of the most prominent movies from my childhood. Without revealing much of the story, Aladdin tells the tale of a street urchin in the far distant land of Agrabah. He and his pet monkey, Abu, dream of one day being rich and worry free. Meanwhile a young princess, Jasmine, is tired of living her life confined behind the palace walls and aspires to explore the outside world and meet real people. Eventually she and Aladdin cross paths but due to their different roles in society, they cannot be together. As the progresses we are introduced to all kinds of interesting characters. A hilarious, kindhearted genie (voiced by the late Robin Williams), a wise cracking parrot, and a power hungry sorcerer.

Aladdin is certainly one of my favorites Disney films, but honestly, if you asked me what all time favorite was, I wouldn’t be able to give you a singular answer. Aladdin stands out to me in particular because of it’s all around amazement in animation, story telling, and message. This movie conveys to me that the best way to earn the love and respect of others is by staying true to yourself, because who knows what may happen next.

Aladdin, of course being a Disney classic, is a musical and while it’s packed with a lot of memorable songs, none of them will top ‘A Whole New World.’  This song is just so beautiful because it’s expressing the joy the protagonists feel of being away from their own personal hardships and finally having a sense of freedom and control in their lives.

Aladdin, overall, is a stunningly beautiful movie with a great message and story so if you haven’t seen it already, I highly suggest you do! It’s definitely worth the watch!


Interesting Fact: Aladdin’s character design was based off of Tom Cruise. Originally it was Micheal J. Fox, but animators believed this gave the character too much of a “cutesy” look. As a result, they went with Tom Cruise because he had the desirable, masculine that they were going for.

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