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By Josh Haley, Chicago Agricultural 

Toy Story is Pixar’s first feature film. Not only that. but it was also the first movie to be fully animated with computer-generated imagery (CGI). Without revealing much of the story, Toy Story takes place in a world where toys magically come to life whenever there aren’t any humans around. Sheriff Woody, Rex, Slinky Dog, and Mr. Potato Head are among many toys owned by a young child named Andy. Andy’s toys are nervous about the arrival of a new toy for Andy’s birthday party. The new toy, who is revealed to be a Buzz Lightyear action figure, is immediately welcomed and admired by the all the toys except for Woody.

Woody (voiced by Tom Hanks), who is actually Andy’s favorite toy, fears that Buzz (voiced by Tim Allen) may replace him as Andy’s favorite. This is due to the fact that Buzz is a new toy with more advanced technology, whereas Woody is an old cowboy doll. Woody’s jealousy eventually leads to him accidentally knocking Buzz out of Andy’s bedroom window. Soon, we’re brought to the main story line: Woody and Buzz’s journey to return back home to Andy.

Toy Story is such a wonderful film because it’s packed with so many great life lessons, such as the value of friendship and that jealousy will only create misfortune for you and others. The ideas and lessons in this film are even still relevant today.

Toy Story was a very successful when it was first released.  So successful that it resulted in the creation of the Toy Story franchise. This sparked the release of two sequels  and numerous shorts films, video games, books, toys, clothing, and a ton of other merchandise. Today, the Toy Story franchise is still Pixar’s greatest success. Sure, they produced other great works such as Finding Nemo and Monsters Inc., but none of those films will top the Toy Story movies which, counting all three, garnered more than a billion dollars worldwide.

Toy Story is definitely worth a viewing, whether you’re a kid now or a kid at heart, there’s no doubt that you’ll enjoy this film!


Interesting Fact: Pizza Planet, a fictional restaurant franchise in the Toy Story universe, was originally going to be called Pizza Putt (a play on Pizza Hut). However, late in the film’s production, Pixar changed the name. They wanted to go for a heavily space-themed restaurant so Buzz would think that he was finally going home.

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