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By Josh Haley, Chicago Agricultural

Now that Halloween is here, it only makes sense to give the Disney Mania spotlight to Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas. This stop motion animated film was released by Walt Disney Studios under their Touchstone Pictures banner in 1993. Without revealing much of the story, The Nightmare Before Christmas is set in a fantasy world known as Halloween Town where vampires, ghosts, goblins, witches, zombies, and other frightening monsters all live together and organize for the annual Halloween holiday. Jack Skellington, the pumpkin king, leads the organization for Halloween and helps make every year more frightening than the last. Although Jack enjoys what he does, he has grown tired of doing the same routine year after year.

So, while wandering through the forest outside of the town center, Jack comes across a magical tree which opens to reveal a portal to Christmas Town. After a fun exploration, Jack becomes obsessed with idea of Christmas and decides that he wants to take over the role of Santa Claus. Not only this, but Jack also urges everyone in Halloween Town to join in him in the taking over of Christmas. To Jack, this all for the good of the holiday, but can someone who’s only every experienced Halloween really grasp the true meaning of Christmas? You’ll have to watch this amazing film to find out.

The Nightmare Before Christmas is a musical and is best known for it’s feature song, ‘This Is Halloween.’ You’ll probably hear this song played often at Halloween parties and events. In my personal opinion, this song really captures the true atmosphere of Halloween and also adds to the film’s tone. Another notable song from this movie is ‘Jack’s Lament,’ where Jack expresses his desires to experience something new and exciting. The iconic ‘Spiral Hill’ also appears in this scene and sometimes serves as a symbol for the franchise.

Overall, with the exception of numerous horror and thrillers, I believe The Nightmare Before Christmas is the perfect film to watch for the Halloween season. Heck, I think it’s even a better film to watch during Christmas time. Whatever you celebrate, there’s no doubt that you’ll enjoy every minute of this Tim Burton masterpiece.



Interesting Fact: This movie is based on a short poem that Burton wrote during his film career at Disney in 1982. The poem served as the basis for the film and was about Jack’s growing dissatisfaction with Halloween.

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