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By Angela Choksi, Barrington 

The concept of Innocence, although it seems so tangible, is in actuality something very abstract, and quite incomprehensible. The common thought process of humans suggests that every child is innocent until a certain age specific to that child, after which they become mature, or more adult-like. However, children are not the only ones who are innocent at times.

Innocence, being the abstruse concept that it is can be encountered in many things, in numerous ways and through various means. It depends on who the person looking for it is. Some people’s imaginations and creativity lead them to uncovering and perceiving innocence in the most unimaginable things, like a child merely staring at a desk, or a dog licking his master. I believe that there is innocence in almost everything around us. An adult being fascinated by the clear skies and the twinkling stars at night displays innocence, and so does one who is simply mesmerized by the beautiful violet color of an orchid. I believe that one cannot associate an age with which innocence is lost, and although as children grow up, they become more mature, I do not believe that they completely lose their innocence altogether.

The age at which each child becomes more cultured or sophisticated depends on the life experiences, culture, and environment that that child grew up in, but that does not necessarily mean that that child is no longer innocent. As the day and age progresses, withal, children are “maturing” at a much faster rate than ever before, with all their Video Games, TV shows, and the zenith ideas, and backgrounds that they are being exposed to at a much earlier age. They might exhibit a much lower level of innocence now than before, due to nothing appearing to be quite as alluring and captivating to them as to other adults, or older children, due to the experiences that they encounter when they are much more youthful than other children or adults born before them did, however, I believe that they still do possess the ability to be enthralled by something they have never rubbed eyeballs with before. I believe that innocence is merely the ability to be amused, or charmed by a certain object, idea, or adventure, clearly defined by science, but still arousing the sense of enchantment or allurement within a person. Hence, innocence is never lost, it is just misplaced at times, or shoved to the bottom of people’s hearts, where they rarely peek nowadays. As adults, the best way to preserve innocence is to let children just be, let them feel the moment and enjoy the little joys and pleasures that life has to offer, instead of exposing them to the ever-absorbing and addicting world of technology at such a tender age.

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About angelachoksi

Angela Choksi is a Junior at Barrington High School. She currently serves as the Captain of her high school's Debate Team, started a successful Poetry Club, and is an Executive Member of her school's Fine Art's Board, Relay for Life, UNICEF Club, as well as the Barrington Giving Day Board, among other extracurriculars like Math Team, Spanish Club, and Scholastic Bowl, all while managing a rigorous AP course load. She plays Badminton and Tennis for her school, and is a voracious reader, a lover of Classics, and Non-Fiction. She loves learning new languages, and is fluent in 5, including, Hindi, Gujarati, Marathi, English, and Spanish. She wishes to major in Economics and Political Science, while minoring in Foreign Policy and Finance, and hopes to attend Law School. She loves keeping up with current affairs, and her favorite pastimes are spending time with her family, and her puppy, Coco, and volunteering her time to help better her community. She is a trained classical Kathak dancer, and an accomplished Pianist. She has received numerous awards for her outstanding Community Service, including the Presidential Service Award, as well as Academic Awards for Congressional Debate, and Business Professionals of America, where she was a National Qualifier in the Interview Skills and Human Resource Management categories.

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