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Gianna Gordon, Nazareth

After working 2 retail jobs; one major clothing store brand, and the other a boutique style, I have learned to respect my job for what it is, and to also respect others who are working the same job as me. Retail can be challenging in many ways.

For one…

You need Self Control
You see something new you’re hanging up while you’re working, and all you want to do is buy it. Even when you’re working for that cash, you are really just paying it all back to your store when you buy what you want. You need self control to know what you want versus what you actually need. That 30% or more discount comes in handy and whinds up hurting you more than it’s saving you…

Shipment days are the BEST and WORST days.
Shipment days are like holiday’s for stores, especially the workers that get to work them. You get first dibs on all the new styles, and you get to see the newest stuff before anyone else. But this always comes with a price. The numerous boxes and bins you have to toss and turn becomes stressful, and sometimes overbearing. And while your storage room in the back may seem like a nice, comfortable area to put things in, it becomes clutter and a second store when you’re all finished. Shipment days are good for the eyes, but bad for those with OCD.

Always keep a smile on your face ( and biting your tongue to that rude customer is always the best solution ).
Good Customer service is always the number one seller for customers in a store. And when you are the customer, you know first hand. It’s important in any retail job to remember that you need to please the customer, in any situation. When you want to pull out your “don’t cross me”, or “what did you just say to me”, kind of face, you can’t. You need to realize that some customers just don’t appreciate your generosity. And, most importantly, keep a smile on your face, even when you feel like being the biggest you know what.

You can find your job rewarding in the end of it all
Being a stylist and jean expert for my two retail jobs, I have felt such pure happiness overcome me after I help a customer feel confident. You hear this about hair dressers, or even other professions say that their jobs are rewarding, because they get to make someone feel so great about themselves, and it’s so true. I love working retail for so many reasons, but it always comes to my mind that at the end of the day, no matter how long the hours, or how mean some customers may be, you always will feel great knowing that you helped someone pick out an outfit that they can feel confident in.

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