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(Photo by Megan Mehta)

(Photo by Megan Mehta)

By Megan Mehta, Naperville Central

In case you didn’t know, the past few weeks have been crazy for not only our city, but for our nation. The Cubs won the World Series and broke the 108 year curse. Just a week after that, Donald Trump was elected president.

The day after the election, an altercation went down between two students at my school. Both of them were friends. One was an African American, and one was a Caucasian.

Taking this into consideration, you can probably assume what the altercation was about; racism.

Some horrible things were said and done by both peopleㄧbut what shocked me the most was what happened the day after the altercation.

An article about this incident was published on our school’s online newspaper. There were over 30 comments on the postㄧby parents and other adults.

In short, the the comments section was nothing short of a Twitter fight.

Adults were arguing on why the African American’s reaction was justified, while some were condoning the racist remarks of the other students.

Everyone should be able to respect other people’s opinions, and that clearly didn’t happen. Most of the comments were just refuting the statement that was previously said.

It was pretty evident that the students were being more respectful and civilized than the adults were.

In light of this incident, a group of students made pins, to support the African American student.

It was nice to see that despite all of the hate that went around, some students can still find a way to come together and support their classmates.

This incident is something that I hope never happens again, anywhere.

Everyone has the right to express their opinions freely. But when it comes to making comments, criticizing someone about their race, gender, age, or anything else they were born with, it’s crossing the line.

Remember to always have respect for your peers, even if you say it as a joke, they could take it the wrong way.

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