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By Rachel Chung, Vernon Hills

Youtube has started to grow in popularity and users. There are many different types of Youtubers or videos like beauty, gaming, fashion, etc. A very popular type of video is a vlog, a video where Youtubers show their daily lives.

There is a lot to be said for vlogging. It sounds boring to just watch someone’s life, but for many people it is a way to have a more close connection to one of their favorite Youtubers. For others, it’s just an interesting video to watch casually. Vlogging has gained a lot of popularity with many big Youtubers creating a second channel devoted entirely to vlogging.

At Vernon Hills High School, there has been a recent introduction of vlogging. Ryan Kim, junior, is someone who weekly vlogs his daily life at school, at home, and at different places with his friends.

I was very interested to see what making vlogs would be like. I made a couple as just an experiment, and people seemed to enjoy them so I continued since then,” said Kim.

The growing influence of Youtube has pushed many people to start Youtube themselves. They see the attraction of sharing their life on Youtube and wish to gather a big enough audience like they see others having.

“I just started watching vlogs on YouTube this summer actually,” said Kim. “On a daily basis, I watch Casey Neistat, Jon Olsson, and Ricegum. Casey Neistat is my favorite by far. He’s my role model.”

His weekly vlogs started out as just a thing for his friends to enjoy. However, many people at the school have become aware of the vlogs and started watching them. The way that Youtube allows connections from the filmer to the audience is something that many people find appealing.

“At a social level, it has impacted me the most. I feel I have bonded with a lot more people through my vlogging experience,” said Kim. “Making new friends everyday is always a great to see.”

Many people find it funny or amusing that vlogs and Youtube exist, but they fail to realize the work and equipment aspect of it. There’s a lot of work that goes into editing, thumbnails, choosing music, finding the right shot, etc. With school, homework, clubs, and sports, it is a lot of work for a student to manage vlogging, but Kim finds all the work to be worth it.

“Vlogging takes a lot of effort to get the right shot, but it’s all worth it in the end. It takes about 1 hour to edit the vlog in total. I use a Canon PowerShot S95 and a gorilla tripod. Hoping to get a new camera very soon for better videos,” said Kim.

The big question that many people have is how long Kim  will continue to vlog: If he’ll continue to next year, if he’ll vlog into college, or how long he will find this enjoyable. Can he make a career out of this?

“I can see myself doing this for a while. I really enjoy making these so as long as I love doing it I will keep up the videos. I know it is not the most stable job in the world, so I could find another career for me. I would totally keep vlogging, but it just would not be the main focus,” said Kim.

If you want to watch realistic and entertaining vlogs of a student’s daily life, then check out Chyaboiry on Youtube. He includes all aspects of his life: sports, school events, and hanging out with friends. A new vlog comes up every Monday.

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