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(John J. Kim/Chicago Tribune)

(John J. Kim/Chicago Tribune)

By Claire Wootton, Evanston Township

You finally finished your applications – now what? Here are 15 things to do that’ll make the next few months pass in a jiffy.

  1. Go outside.

Now that you’ve finished all your applications you can do things like this! Leave your desk; see the sun!

  1.  Continue to procrastinate on all those things you said you’d do

You know that thing you promised yourself you’d do once you had some free time? Leave it for the summer. How can anyone expect you to get anything done with this much stress?

  1. Tell everyone how little you care.

“I’ll be happy anywhere, I swear. I mean it doesn’t really matter, right? Right?”

  1. Google your schools.

Stalk them online. Obsessively.

  1. Google “What if I don’t get into a single college?”

Trust me, this one’s fun.

 Plan your potentially college-less future.

Google’s always right.

  1. Plan out what your dorm will look like.

I mean every school has dorms, right?

  1. Read through your application.

You’ll be in great mood when you find a mistake on an essay you’ve already submitted.

  1. Rethink every college you’ve applied to.

Anonymous people on the internet don’t like it? It’s definitely not the school for you.

  1. Check your email.

Multiple times a day. Check your spam too. You never know if any of the schools emailed you!

  1. Project your anxiety on everyone around you.

It’s not like your family has been hassled by you enough this year.

  1. Learn a cool new skill!

Then email all the schools you applied to and tell them! Make sure they know how well-rounded you are!

  1. Find out everything about everyone from your school that applied to the same schools as you.

Force all your friends to persuade you that you’re the better candidate.

  1. Eat a whole tub of ice cream.

You earned it.

  1. Relax.

I know you’ve heard this a couple too many times already, but it’ll all work out.

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