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©2016/Will Heath/NBC

©2016/Will Heath/NBC

By Ellen O’ Brien, Glenbard West

Host Emma Stone made for an interesting episode of “Saturday Night Live” this week; the good sketches were awesome, but the bad ones were painful. Still, one thing is for sure – Stone was a delightful and charming host, and although there was good and bad, there was certainly no ugly.



Going into this episode, I already possessed a bias – I love Emma Stone. Her monologue consisted of an interesting take of remembering “SNL” like it was high school, since her acting career didn’t provide her with the most traditional childhood. Stone reminisced about her past experiences hosting the show, even heading backstage and chatting with different cast members, which I consistently enjoy. She proved herself the most lovable actress, and set the tone for a good episode.


Each installment of this poorly done high school theatre showcase never fails to make me laugh, this one included. Attempting to make groundbreaking points about society, these eccentric actors ended up being accusatory, pretentious, and annoying. I adored it. From laughable improv to ill-informed political statements, every bit of this was funny. To quote them, “Surprised?”


We’re all familiar with the tired gift of the candle, the go-to present for every holiday and birthday when someone doesn’t feel like putting much thought into gift-giving. “SNL” knows about this, too. It featured an old-fashioned music video about candles being the other Christmas savior (you know, besides Jesus). The women of “SNL” looked the part, with huge fur coats, bad hair, and dramatic makeup. And they were hilarious, especially Stone, who appeared to have a gallon of hair gel on her head.


Props to “SNL” for reimagining Hillary Clinton as a Sasquatch-like, because this sketch worked. Clinton truly has been under the radar post-election, so naturally, people are seeking her out, like the two investigators, played by Beck Bennett and Kyle Mooney. This was an incredibly original sketch, but it was purposeful, too, making me feel bad for Clinton. Can’t we just leave her alone?


“Update” was exceptional this week. It included covering Donald Trump’s tweets like the weather, which is a tactic I really do think the media should take on, but I was surprised to see that many Trump jokes didn’t go over as well with the audience as they did with me. Additionally, Leslie Jones showed up, and further solidified the fact that she is really growing on me. What was most exciting, though, was Vanessa Bayer’s uncanny Rachel from Friends, who was accompanied by – you guessed it – Jennifer Aniston! The two bickered in their eerily similar voices. Anchors Colin Jost and Michael Che didn’t really do much during this installment of “Update”, but it was still an awesome one.


At last, a toy for reserved and thoughtful boys – a well! “SNL” spoofed a Fisher Price commercial, promoting this product for pensive boys who will grow up to be creative geniuses. This had me laughing out loud, and Stone’s overbearing mother character was a great touch to an even greater sketch. This was yet another segment that made me want to applaud the show’s writers.


I never realized how much it would’ve sucked for Mary to have Joseph invite a bunch of people over after she gave birth to Jesus in a barn. Hadn’t the poor girl been through enough? This was a good and unique take on the Bible story, prompting me to think that that wasn’t Joseph’s best move.



“SNL” relied on the real in this episode’s opener about Trump – real events, real tweets, real people. I debated whether this was lazy or clever, and I’m leaning towards lazy. Alec Baldwin’s Trump retweeted tweets from a bunch of random supporters of his, which is apparently something that actually happened recently. This might’ve been funnier if I was more aware of these events, but I still believe that “SNL” should do more.


This was a cheesy sketch about how math is useful in everyday life…at least, it started out as that. In a dream, a boy, depicted by Pete Davidson, was encouraged by the posters on his wall to stay in school, but it got really weird. I found myself going on my phone more than watching the TV during this. I was bored, but not bored enough to neglect appreciating Davidson’s creeping smirk as he fought the urge to break character and laugh. At least he was having a good time!


Ah, another sketch that had me zoning out. I was simply uncomfortable during this, as an office cleaning crew performed a Christmas show for some reluctant employees. Although this episode was good, the bad sketches were bad, especially this one.


I don’t know what it is, but Kate McKinnon’s Debette Goldry just isn’t funny to me! This is likely an unpopular opinion, because the concept of this sketch about gender equality in film was promising. For me, it didn’t deliver, although it was a pleasure to see Aniston make another appearance in this, after “Update”.

“Saturday Night Live”
10:30 p.m., Saturday, NBC
3 out of 4 stars

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