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By Che’mari Kent, Riverside Brookfield

Dear Che’mari,

By this time you’ll be 26 and have accomplished a lot of achievements. You would have just finished college at one of the best HBCUs as you majored in Journalism. You are currently trying to pursue your career of being a music journalist, radio personality or news broadcaster. All three of these jobs are great employment opportunities just make sure you chose the one that best suits you. I’m so proud of the woman you are becoming. It was a rough journey but you managed to overcome any obstacles that came your way. Dating shouldn’t be your main focus right now instead continue to build your career. You should also be looking into your long term goals such as driving your dream car(s), becoming a home owner, marriage and starting a family. Everything you talked about when you were younger you are achieving that plus more. Let’s take you back down memory lane so that you can understand why you worked so hard. Every since you were born you were spoiled rotten due to you being your mother’s and father’s only child. Everyone thought you were just a brat but your parents spoiled you because you DESERVED it. When you were in Kindergarten, you were the valedictorian of your class. You went into elementary school knocking it out the park. Being a leader was your main characteristic from being invited to attending Saturday School for excelling in school, to becoming the captain of the color guards and the cheerleading team, to creating your own dance group and having your team perform at every school talent show or assembly, to being enrolled into High Jump which is a program who looks for students who’s performing well in school and they teach you high school level work while you’re still in middle school, to being in 7th grade but you were one of the five who were in the 8th grade class, to being inducted into National Junior Honors Society, to being top 5 of you 8th grade class and graduating with honors. You also kept your GPA up in high school. Junior year was probably the hardest year for you. That’s the year your dad was murdered. When he left you felt as if the world was over, but you used that as motivation to make him proud. When you were younger you lost your great aunt who was stabbed to death ,your great grandmother to a heart attack and your granddaddy who suffered from a heart attack as well. You have 4 guardian angels who wants nothing but the best for you. Che’mari, you were destined to be great and you’re doing just that. I can’t express how strong you are because you lost your dad when you were 16 and that was a time where you really needed him but you didn’t give up, you kept striving for greatness. You learned a lot about yourself and the people around you. You felt betrayed when you realized the ones who you thought were your friends really wasn’t but you didn’t let that affect you. You are an amazing young woman and you have people looking up to you even though you may not realize it. Its people waiting for you to fail so you have to keep succeeding. Through it all your mother and grandma has been your biggest supporters and that’s why you owe you the world. Make sure if and when you have kids they know the value of a dollar. Materialistic things don’t make or break you, they just enhance you! You have a good head on your shoulders so I know you will follow in the right footsteps. I can see you having a puppy and an aquarium in your Calabasas home where you will be raising your family. Remember you always want to surround yourself with the ones who have the same mindset and goals as you! I can’t wait until you establishing yourself so that you can start taking flights with your friends and booking family vacations. I also can you see with a beach house in Miami and another home in Chicago since that’s where most of your family reside. You definitely wouldn’t be the person you are today without your support system. Keep doing you and live your life to the fullest, princess!



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