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By Rachel Chung, Vernon Hills 

With the holidays winding down comes the bittersweet feeling of things ending; one of these things being vlogmas. For those who don’t know, vlogmas is when a Youtuber vlogs their daily life from December 1st (or November 31st) to December 25th. Although the OG vlogmas Youtuber Ingrid Nilsen no longer vlogs during vlogmas, the tradition still lasts through many others. If you are interested in viewing these types of vlogs, here are some people to tune into for the next year or binge-watch over your break. (Sidenote: These people are also probably some of my favorite vloggers in general. I love a good vlog.)

  1. Extrasunbeamsjess
    Hands-down probably my favorite vlogger. If you’re someone who likes shorter vlogs or likes seeing what university life is like, tune into this vlogger. Jess is a student at University of Edinburgh, currently finishing her final year, and is truly one of the greats in my book. I like how her vlogs are shorter, so I can justify myself sneaking one in here and there, and I like her easy-going attitude towards the vlogs. She really gets you motivated to do your schoolwork without even meaning to; just because you see her working so hard on essays or reading or whatnot. She also comes from a wealthier family, so it is quite nice to see her open luxurious Diptyque advent calendars and use Lush bathbombs.
  2. MoreZoella
    Honestly I had a hard time deciding between putting Zoella or Tanya Burr on my list because they are quite similar in their long vlogs and lifestyle. Zoella eventually won over just because I like her content more, and I only really watch Tanya during Vlogmas. Zoe, better known as her main Youtube name Zoella, has had so much success from her Youtube channels, books, product ranges, etc.; however, I would say her vlogs are quite laid back and simple. She truly vlogs her daily life, and she makes them more interesting with P.O. box hauls and opening her various advent calendars. If you don’t like long vlogs however, I would not recommend. Her vlogs are regularly around the 30 minute mark, give or take a few minutes. This is a really great vlogmas to watch if you have the time and want to get into a more festive mood.
  3. Lily Pebbles
    I seem to have a theme with British Youtubers, but they do take up a lot of my subscription box. This is another great Youtuber who I feel like you can really relate to. She clearly vlogs her daily life without any filtering, and I think that is quite hard to find on Youtube. She doesn’t try to find something to do to make her life interesting, but it somehow just is. She also did her own version of vlogmas where she only vlogged when she felt like it or had something fun going on her life, so nothing felt forced and there was good content. I also like her vlogs because they’re a good length of about 10-15 minutes.
  4. clothesencounters
    Again, I had a toss-up between clothesencounters, Jenn Im and Claire Marshall because they are quite similar, but also different in their vlogging style. Claire is a bit more artistic in her filming while Jenn is a bit more straight-forward. Both have great content, but I think Jenn Im has the upper hand because she captures more of her life on camera. Both have been late on their vlogmas vlogs, but Jenn is usually quite regular in her upload schedule. They both have their own pros and cons, but I think with the way that I like vlogs, Jenn does a better job. Jenn really shows her dedication to provide regular content, and you can see her life with her everyday routine and when she is going out.
  5. itsJudysLife
    I don’t know if there is anything as cute as a vlogging family. This Seattle-based family is no exception with their trio of daughters: Julianna and the twins Miya and Keira. Their kids are all at the adorable toddler age where they speak long sentences, have thoughts, and are developing their own personalities. This family vlogs everyday except they have a Youtube live during one day of the week. Their parents Judy and Benji are amazing as during the month of December, they have a annual fundraiser going on for different charities. They call it Dancember as they dance everyday, have a 24 hour broadcast on one day, and sell Dancember merchandise to raise funds for their organization of choice that year. This is a great family to watch everyday, and they are doing such great things with the opportunity they have with a large Youtube following.

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