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By Megan Mehta, Naperville Central

New year, new movies.

Although most people’s new year’s resolutions consist of eating healthier and going to the gym more often, one of my new year’s resolutions is to watch more good movies. Here are some of the  most promising films set to be released in each month of the new year.

January: “Split”

Another movie directed by the ever so great M. Night Shyamalan. So what exactly is “Split”? Well it’s a horror film about three girls who are kidnapped by a man, with dissociative identity disorder. So far the reviews have been nothing but good. Rotten Tomatoes rated it an 82% and The Guardian gave it 4 out of 5 stars.

February: “The Space Between Us”

A teen romance movie about Gardner, a boy born on Mars, and Tulsa, a girl on Earth. When Gardner comes to Earth to explore a new world, Tulsa helps show him everything that he’s missing on Mars. This movie stars Asa Butterfield and Britt Robertson. It is set to be released on February 3rd, just in time for Valentine’s Day.

March: “Before I Fall”

Based on the book, by Lauren Oliver, comes a film about Sam Kingston, a girl who keeps reliving the moment she died. She ends up reliving her death for one week, and throughout her experience she goes through the five stages of grief. This film features actors Zoey Deutch and Kian Lawley. The movie is set to premier on March 3rd.

April: “The Circle”

Another film based on a book. This story follows a girl, Mae Holland, who gets hired by a thriving technology company, The Circle. All of the employees of the company live in an enclosed area in which no secrets are kept. Everybody knows everything. This scientific thriller, by James Ponsoldt, features Emma Watson and Tom Hanks – so you know it’s bound to be good. It’s scheduled to be released on April 28th.

May: “Baywatch”

An action comedy movie starring Zac Efron and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, set to release on May 26th. Like the tradition Baywatch TV show, this movie will show the “dangerous” rescue stories of beach lifeguards. Honestly, I consider a movie to be “good” if it features just Zac Efron, but this one has Dwayne Johnson and Logan Paul, so I think it will definitely be a hit.

June: “Wonder Woman”

This one’s for you girls. DC Comics is finally releasing a superhero movie with a woman superhero. This movie stars Gal Gadot and Chris Pine, and is set to release on June 2nd. The movie takes place during World War I, so it’s bound to be a little different than the current superhero releases.

July: “Spiderman: Homecoming” 2017 is back at it again with another superhero movie. A new actor, Tom Holland, will be taking over for the new Spider Man series. Hopefully the storyline will be different compared to the Spider Man movies released in the past. The movie is set to premier on July 7th, so, you better stick around, and see how it is.

August: “All I See is You”

Blake Lively and Jason Clark star in a psychological thriller that includes some drama. Lively plays the character, Gina, who is blind, but then regains her sight only to see her disturbing lifestyle, she never expected to see. I have high expectations for this film, since it stars one of everyone’s favorites, Blake Lively. Hopefully it’s a good one to look out for.

September: “It”

A horror film, based on the work of Stephen King, titled the same name. The storyline follows a child, George who was murdered. A year later, his brother and friends try to find his murderer. It seems like “Pretty Little Liars”, only with boys and no high school drama. This film will release on September 8th.

October: “Blade Runner 2049”

The sequel to the classic original, Blade Runner, starring Harrison Ford. Considering that these movies are science fiction, you can expect some cool special effects. The story revolves around an LAPD officer who discovers a secret that could bring society in shambles. Not only is Harrison Ford returning, but he is joined by Ryan Gosling. The movie will premier on October 6th.

November: “Creed 2”

Another sequel. Can you guess the name of the original? Creed, I know, very surprising. Although no details about the plot haven’t been released, I assume it will have to do with the main character, Donnie Johnson, helping out another young boxer to make a professional career. Similar to how Rocky Balboa helped out Donnie, with his career.

December: “Star Wars, Episode VIII”

Ahh yes, probably the most anticipated movie of the year. Despite the news of the late Carrie Fisher, it has been noted that she did complete filming for this movie. Although no plot details have been released, I assume this movie will still continue the storyline of Empire vs. the Rebellion, but will involve a growing relationship between Rey and Luke Skywalker. The movie will be released on December 15th.

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