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By Rachel Chung, Vernon Hills

The new year signifies a time to change your lifestyle, break old habits, make healthier choices, and overall just get motivated. People view the new year as a clean slate and a way to start anew again. However, the new year time is also notorious for being a time of short-lived resolutions and changes. If you are finding yourself feeling unmotivated three weeks into the new year, here are some tips into getting motivated to continue your new year’s resolutions.

  1. If you slip up once in awhile, it’s totally okay. The pressure of the new year and resolutions often brings the feelings of having to go 110% at your latest goal. However, it’s okay to slip up, to slip back into old habits, or to find yourself skipping things you planned for yourself. The important thing is to just get back on top of it again. Many people find themselves failing because they focus too much on perfection and complete execution of their resolution but that’s not practical or probable. Don’t just give up because you find yourself messing up; just restart again the next day.
  2. Set little goals, and check in with yourself about every month. The whole stereotype around new year’s resolutions is that you choose a dream that is unattainable and too far-fetched, and therefore end up having to give up. However, if you just set little goals every month and keep building upon them every month, you will find yourself more sure of progress. For example, instead of trying to force yourself into going to the gym every week and cramming in a new fitness routine, try to first start off doing little things, then work bigger. If that means you don’t actually get a gym membership until it’s June, then so be it.
  3. The worst thing you can do for yourself and easily lead yourself to failure is to feel that these resolutions or new objectives are tasks that have to be done. Procrastination exists because of the dread or the anxiety leading up to the task, which forces you to push it off. Really, really try in some way, to find a way to make these resolutions fun. You can set up to do these resolutions with friends, or you could set up rewards for yourself whenever you reach a little goal within that resolution. Do what it takes to make you enjoy tackling that resolution.

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