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In January 2015, hundreds participated in the 43rd annual March for Life in Washington, D.C. (Marvin Joseph / The Washington Post)

In January 2015, hundreds participated in the 43rd annual March for Life in Washington, D.C. (Marvin Joseph / The Washington Post)

By Gianna Gordon, Nazareth

This isn’t a political stance, or an opinion that I am trying to throw at in your faces to try to tell you I’m correct and you’re wrong. It’s simply a call to our nation, or just simply few minds reading this, that we need to step up and realize the good that each and every individual, unborn or alive, can and will bring to our society. The 22nd of every January is the day of prayer for the Legal Protection of Unborn Children. Most citizens around our world, or speaking religiously, Catholics don’t know that. We all know that Christmas is on the 25th of December each year, but the 22nd of January no matter what year is a day for remembrance as well. Let’s take a step back and think about what this day means to our world, or what it should mean.

Since the United States Supreme Court made abortion illegal, speaking statistically, over 58 million babies are aborted, which means in simplest terms, 58 million creative minds, athletic bodies, and future presidents of our country have been taken from us. Abortion is a complex, social, political and religious issue that does not need to be tapped into as something I am for or against, it’s just the matter of fact that the number 58 million is something associated with abortion, and that one way or another, it’s death, and that’s something you can’t sugar coat.

Everyone dies, you can’t escape death. However, while every death is a tragedy, abortion is a specific type of tragedy. A tragedy is defined as the result of a protagonist suffering from his or her failure in choice. And to define abortion as a tragedy, it’s not to say that it’s simply because so many babies have died, but it’s that the nation that is by far the greatest nation in the world, has the pride and failure to result in allowing death to happen. Allowing the death of someone who has no control over what is going on, to die. Has the control over a helpless individual to lose a life he or she could’ve made so much of. Has the control over taking away the mind that could potentially save other deaths from happening, from awful diseases like cancer or AIDS. The tragedy is within us as a nation, to not accept what is happening and make a change.

This is a call to all those to stop and think about the 22nd/23rd of January as a day to pray together, as the amazing nation we are, for peace in our minds that we can come together to create a better understanding and justification for the 58 million unborn lives lost. I pray, in particular that this nation comes together and prays in regards to the future, that we may change our future daughters and sons fate, and make our country pro life, not pro death.

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