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(Photo by Lauren Lambros)

(Photo by Lauren Lambros)

By Lauren Lambros, Riverside Brookfield 

Throughout the course of our lives the message of positivity and self acceptance has been broadcasted through every source of human interaction. Whether it’s a commercial, an Instagram post, or even a topic of conversation, the idea of loving yourself has skyrocketed across the globe. But what does it really mean to “love yourself” ? The definition of acceptance is stated as the action of consenting to receive or undertake something that is offered. In terms of today’s world, that means accepting your benefits and flaws for exactly how they are. Someone who loves themselves sees the glass as half full. Surrounding themselves with things that help them to become the best possible version of themselves that they can be. They aim high and are not afraid to fail, but when they do fail they accept their mistakes and move on. Most importantly, they know how to make themselves happy without the help of anything, or anyone else.

Out of seven billion human beings living on our beloved planet no one acts, thinks, or is built exactly the way you are. Seven billion unique individuals crawling across the Earth who bring seven billion different qualities to the table. Your opinion, lifestyle, values, and qualities will never ever be replicated. Crazy right? Be confident in your opinion, no one else in the world will ever think the same way in the entire world as you do. You are an individual, a unique one of a kind.

Gaining confidence is the key to overcoming obstacles, which in our fast-pace lives obstacles are impossible to avoid. As we grow up, we take on more responsibilities. With more responsibility comes more room for error, and more chances to make mistakes. The connotation of the word mistake is distinctly negative. However, mistakes are the only way we can truly learn. Therefore, we should not look at the amount of mistakes that we have made but instead as the amount of lessons we have learned. Many people fear that simple word as if it determines life or death. But mistakes are apart of our daily lives. One simply cannot go through life without making “big mistakes”. They are what builds character and who you are at the end of the day.

Everyday more and more people are not satisfied with the person they see in the mirror. It has always been said that you are your harshest critic. You label yourself by your past mistakes, but even a critic can make mistakes too. They fail to acknowledge all of your great qualities, or all of the things you have accomplished thus far in your life. Embracing your body, personality traits, and qualities takes time. The ability not to conform to society’s standards by looking or acting a certain way will come from within, not from someone else’s expectations.

Having pride in yourself is a challenge that many face everyday, but why? Why is it so hard to accept who you are and not want to be someone else? The human mind’s first instinct is to have doubt in ourselves and our abilities, but it does not have to be that way. When we look in the mirror we should be proud of the person looking back at us. Everyone has their strengths and weaknesses so why not accept yours? To truly love yourself you have to love all of your good qualities and embrace all the bad ones as well. After that, life becomes different and more enjoyable.

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