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By Angela Choksi, Barrington 

It’s women’s day, and what a fantastic day it is to be a woman! This day celebrates the essence of being a woman- whether you are a mother, daughter, grandmother, student, aunt, or friend. This day celebrates your uniqueness. Historically females have been subject to gender inequality, sexism and other forms of societal injustice, some of which continue on to this day. Women have always emerged triumphant against these biases, however, as happy as we should be with our victories, we must also take some time to reflect on and thank the great female heroes that worked relentlessly to afford the luxuries that come with being a woman today; Susan B. Anthony, Alice Paul and other suffragists that worked tirelessly for the 19th Amendment, Margaret Sanger and her advocacy for birth control during the 1920’s, and others that have always put female empowerment and equality before their own well-being.

We must be grateful to have such powerful and idealistic role models that paved the challenging road that leads to complete gender equality. There are still hurdles for women today to overcome, as women are still paid about 80 cents on every dollar men earn, and have still yet to break the glass ceiling of the USA’s greatest and most prestigious political office- the Presidency. Although women have achieved a lot, and have made a lot of progress, some women today still feel that they are the inferior sex. Historically considered the most moral and pure beings, some women, especially in Third World countries are still unfairly subject to the Cult of Domesticity. Society still subconsciously teaches women to be “behind” men as they aren’t good enough to lead, to be followed, or to be premiers.

What we must remember on this women’s day and the rest of those to come is that we must feel proud to be half of this world’s population. If we aren’t afforded the same opportunities as some men, it is not our fault, it is simply gender stereotypes and societal prejudices at play that we must tirelessly work to overcome, and not succumb to or become a victim of. We cannot, and must not settle for anything less than equal because our predecessors did not, and that is how we are able to live as freely and exercise most of the same freedoms as men today. On a brighter note, wish a fellow female “Happy Women’s Day,” along with a compliment in order to spread the joy of being a female, and to empower those around you to feel ecstatic and proud to be one too.

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About angelachoksi

Angela Choksi is a Junior at Barrington High School. She currently serves as the Captain of her high school's Debate Team, started a successful Poetry Club, and is an Executive Member of her school's Fine Art's Board, Relay for Life, UNICEF Club, as well as the Barrington Giving Day Board, among other extracurriculars like Math Team, Spanish Club, and Scholastic Bowl, all while managing a rigorous AP course load. She plays Badminton and Tennis for her school, and is a voracious reader, a lover of Classics, and Non-Fiction. She loves learning new languages, and is fluent in 5, including, Hindi, Gujarati, Marathi, English, and Spanish. She wishes to major in Economics and Political Science, while minoring in Foreign Policy and Finance, and hopes to attend Law School. She loves keeping up with current affairs, and her favorite pastimes are spending time with her family, and her puppy, Coco, and volunteering her time to help better her community. She is a trained classical Kathak dancer, and an accomplished Pianist. She has received numerous awards for her outstanding Community Service, including the Presidential Service Award, as well as Academic Awards for Congressional Debate, and Business Professionals of America, where she was a National Qualifier in the Interview Skills and Human Resource Management categories.

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