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By Che’mari Kent, Riverside Brookfield 

At this age you feel as if you know and have experienced almost everything. The things you hear from adults you let it go in one ear and out the other because you feel as if you’re living in a different generation than them. Growing up, I’ve always had my mother and grandmother in my ear about certain things, people, places and situations. I never took their advice into consideration until I actually experienced what they were trying to warn me about. I’ve always felt that family and friends will always be by your side and that they genuinely care about you. At 17, I learned that what I thought before just a bold face lie. I would’ve NEVER thought in a million year that I would no longer be on speaking terms with certain people. They say that real situations reveal real relationships and that the truth. I’ve been through a lot these past 17 years and every time I experience a downfall the ones I thought would be there was no where in sight. I’ve learned to vent to myself and keep a journal because no one knows the real definition of loyalty and trustworthiness these days! Also, I just learned about a month ago that the word “Best-friend” isn’t that valuable anymore because a few people who I once considered to be my best-friend betrayed me as well. People are starting to call me “‘anti-social” or “mean” just because I stay to myself and don’t open up to people as much anymore. I became this way because everyone I trusted turned out to be one of the ones I don’t communicate with anymore. Moral of this story, is to listen to adults because they have more than likely been in your shoes before so they can give you advice on how to handle these types of situations. Another lesson you should take from this is chose your friends wisely, they will smile in your face and talk behind you back so just be aware!

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