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(Wilfredo Lee / AP)

(Wilfredo Lee / AP)

By Rachel Chung, Vernon Hills 

Shopping has always been one of my favorite past times. Over the past few years, shopping has been made easier and more accessible everywhere. Our generation is blessed and cursed to have everything readily available to us at the mere type of our fingers. Never before has shopping been so easy with the Internet and new businesses like Amazon, but also never before has it been so easy to buy stuff without thinking about the costs. Most businesses have started to open up online stores, and many have branched out to make apps of their own. However, businesses like Amazon and other shopping apps have sprung up to sell a large range of items and stores in one convenient website/app. Here are some of my personal favorites:

Dote Shopping
I don’t even know where to begin with this app. It doesn’t have every store possible, but it does have a really large selection, and new stores are added all the time. They also correlate prices that are on the store’s website, even sale prices, so it’s not like you’re spending more. The big factor to this app is that it provides free shipping. I can’t even begin to explain how many times I’ve been shopping on a website until I realize that I have to pay $7-10 for shipping. It’s just one more thing to see added on to the shopping cart, and it’s something I usually can’t bring myself to pay for. I’m the type of person that signs up to emails and will try to find codes for free shipping. However, Dote Shopping easily fixes this problem as they provide free shipping. I don’t know how they do it or what they’re getting out of it, but it’s a good deal for me. You don’t have to sign up for anything or pay more either; you just have to set up an account. It’s honestly a game changer for me, and they also have opportunities where you can get credit if you introduce this app to your friends, which is a good bonus.

Depop isn’t only for shopping as you can sell you own clothes on it as well. Depop is an app where you set up a profile, upload pictures of clothes you want to sell, set the price and the shipping rates, and can sell your clothes to different users. You don’t have to sell anything to use the app, but if you do sell things, you have to give 10% of the profit to Depop. It’s a very interactive app where you can converse with sellers to talk about price changes and talk with potential buyers about shipping rates. The reason I like this app so much is that I feel like you can find some really killer pieces that are more one of a kind. Sure, you can find people selling big brand names like Brandy and Urban Outfitters, but there are also many users that sell vintage clothes for agreeable prices.

Wish is another app that has started to become more and more popular. I first found out about it from a friend, and I had to look into it because I thought it sounded so unbelievable and crazy. I personally haven’t bought anything off of it, but I do know a lot of people who use it. My friend bought a lot of things for prices from like $1 to $10. She’s bought a makeup brush set for $1 and a cute dress for $7. It’s honestly crazy how cheap they sell stuff for on this app. I can’t promise that it’s going to be great quality but that’s kind of the risk you have to take with this app. My friend has used a lot of her stuff though, and she has no complaints. This is a good app to consider if you hate spending a lot of money and are willing to sometimes sacrifice quality for the cheap price.

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