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How to prepare for college by choosing the right classes.

9 things to do during spring break

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Don't spend spring break sitting around the house.

JTHS earns 7th Annual AP District of the Year award

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This month, my school district received the 7th Annual AP District of the Year award.

The best Twitter accounts for students to follow: Part 2

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By Mae Mastin, Joliet West Technology plays a huge role in my high school career. I use my school-issued computer for a large number of assignments, and my teachers utilize a ton of different websites to provide extra resources or as a way to make lessons engaging, creative, and fun....

It’s finals time! Are you ready? (Part 2)

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It's crunch time.

It’s finals time! Are you ready? (Part 1)

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Don't let those tests and papers get you down.


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Thanksgiving is coming up! Here’s a list of (just some of) the things I’m grateful for at Joliet West.

Thoughts on the PSAT

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If you have the opportunity to take the PSAT, do it!