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Is Facebook going out of style? Hinsdale Central

It's so 2009.

October 19, 2016

8 goals to set for this school year
Hinsdale Central

September 2, 2016

Goals to help you get back in the swing of things.

MAP Grant: What is it and why should we care?
Hinsdale Central

February 23, 2016

When the MAP bill was brought in the Illinois Senate, Governor Bruce Rauner vetoed it.

An open letter to Chicago weather
Hinsdale Central

February 11, 2016

Where is the snow?

Review: ‘Jessica Jones’ unconventional, binge-worthy
Hinsdale Central

January 5, 2016

First day of winter break, I sat down and began the series, and my only regret was not watching it earlier.

Should all American families celebrate Thanksgiving?
Hinsdale Central

December 3, 2015

Who doesn't love a good turkey and a few friends to eat it with? Weirdly enough, some of your peers might have no experience with the holiday the way you do, whose families just don't understand why they should celebrate that holiday.

Opinion: the fault in our media
Hinsdale Central

November 19, 2015

Can social media really function as an unbiased news outlet?

Say “Boo” to drugs
Hinsdale Central

November 3, 2015

Every year, Hinsdale Central plans Red Ribbon Week in time for Halloween. Each day, stickers, candy, and other small treats are handed out, with clever reminders to avoid drugs. This year, the week ended with a day to wear costumes to school. There were

No homework weekend
Hinsdale Central

October 29, 2015

Hinsdale Central offers seniors so many advantages, like late arrivals, toga day, and the senior parking lot, but my favorite is the homework-free weekend.

Why does everyone love “Star Wars?”
Hinsdale Central

October 23, 2015

An overall look at the Star Wars franchise and what's to come in "Star Wars: The Force Awakens."