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Meet Mash Insider Amelia Beck All Insider Posts

Hi, I’m Amelia! This fall, I’ll be a senior at Maine South High School. I come from a relatively small family; I have one older brother who’s currently a junior in college. As the younger sibling, I’ve grown used to looking up to my

August 4, 2015

Meet Mash Insider Caroline Williams
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July 30, 2015

My name is Caroline Williams. I will be a senior at New Trier High School this coming school year. I am the middle child. I have an older sister in college and a younger brother in fifth grade. I like to consider myself a

Meet Mash Insider Rafia Ali
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July 29, 2015

Hi, my name is Rafia and I'm going to be a senior at Hinsdale Central High School. I was born in Pakistan and I’m the middle child of five, so I tend to be the peacemaker a lot. I come from a pretty diverse

How to stop “backbiting”
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July 24, 2015

Sometimes, there’s a vicious satisfaction in bad-mouthing someone behind their back. Whether it’s complaining about your lousy boss or criticizing your teacher’s lack of fashion sense, most of us can’t go more than a few hours without insulting someone when they’re not present. Now

Meet Mash Insider Tammy Wen
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July 21, 2015

My name is Tammy Wen and I will be a senior at Niles West High School. My passions are photography and books. According to my friends and family, I have a weird sense of humor. I love cats and dogs, but I’m completely biased

Shark Week recap
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July 16, 2015

This past week, the Discovery Channel celebrated its annual “Shark Week.” There were lots of thrilling adventures, exciting discoveries and crazy action. Many marine biologists and other scientists took boat rides of a life to see these amazing creatures.

Meet Mash Insider Jonathan Poole
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July 8, 2015

Hello, my name is Jonathan Poole. I am also called Jonny. I am an incoming sophomore at the Chicago High School for Agricultural Sciences and I live on the South Side of Chicago in the Beverly neighborhood. The words that describe me are outgoing,

Meet Mash Insider Stevie Parrilli
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July 6, 2015

I'm going into my senior year at Mother McAuley High School in Evergreen Park. I was adopted when I was 7 and have lived in Chicago my whole life. I run cross country for my school every fall. I hope to go into

Meet Mash Insider Mae Mastin
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July 5, 2015

Hi, I’m Mae! I’ll be a sophomore this year at Joliet West High School. (You can follow me on Twitter @MaeMastin.) I was homeschooled through eighth grade, so last year was my first time in public school. I had an awesome experience, and I

Meet Mash Insider Zahra Ali
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June 29, 2015

Hi, I’m Zahra and this is my blog for Mash Insider. First, a little bit about me: I’m 17, Muslim and going to be a senior at Plainfield North High School (Woo! Senior year!). Although I was born and raised in the Chicagoland area,