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YSM student Emari Conner goes on camera to talk about being a hidden hero in science. (Reporter- Jayda Hubbard, Camera- Kasiah Henderson)

YSM student Emari Conner goes on camera to talk about being a hidden hero in science. (Reporter- Jayda Hubbard, Camera- Kasiah Henderson)

By Tracee Stanford, Project Exploration Media Instructor

Here’s something you didn’t know about Project Exploration’s Youth Science and Media (YSM) team at Young Women’s Leadership Charter School.  They’re a group of 7 impactful young women who see themselves as world changers. Their latest reporting assignment charged them with a reflective task, which is to explain how they view themselves as hidden heroes in science. Imagine if you had access to an unlimited amount of  money, power and resources to make a change in your community and world through science. What would you do? A challenging question, indeed. But, the YSM team is digging deep to convey what they’re really passionate about in the field of science and how they might make a difference if given the opportunity.


YSM students prep camera equipment for Hidden Heroes in Science interview shoot. (Left to right- Jayda Hubbard, Kasiah Henderson)

The YSM team preps for student interviews.

The YSM team preps for student interviews.

This week, the students began sitting  down with each other to film a series of intimate video interviews in which they’ve talked about some matters that are close to their hearts. Many of the girls made a connection to the field of medical science and are focused on finding cures and providing resources  for diseases that are rampant in their families, communities and world, such as cancer and diabetes.  Helping students develop a love for science at an early age is also a theme that’s being explored. Many YSM team members say it’s very common for students their age to become bored or uninterested in science. It’s a problem they want to change and some have ideas for making science fun.


Kasiah Henderson is interviewed by reporter Emari Conner. Kasiah wants to find a cure for many diseases, breast cancer being one of them.

I have been encouraged by the interviewing process for this project. The girls are making so many personal connections and reflecting on their own lives and experiences. Hearing them speak from the heart about close family members affected by various diseases, inventive ideas and magical moments has been such a pure process and heart warming. I admire their ability to imagine a change in their lifetime.

We can’t wait to share the completed Hidden Heroes in Science interviews with you. The YSM team is learning new skills in Final Cut Pro X video editing to make that happen very soon.


YSM student Kasiah Henderson edits raw interview footage using Final Cut Pro X software.



The Project Exploration Youth Science and Media program is produced by youth media makers in collaboration with Free Spirit Media.


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