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Zyona Bryant – Junior
Collins Academy High School
child abuse2Red cheeks,black eyes,body bruises and a face full of tears.These are some of the things you’ll see on a child being abused.Imagine the person you call your protector,provider and lover is actually an impersonator of what yo thought or “flip-flopping” rather. The thought of it hurts but what do you think the child feels every time they are hit and told “you mean nothing.”
      According to “79.4% of the perpetrators were parents and 6.8% of them we’re other relatives”.Also according to Google “The United States has one of the worst records among industrialized nations-losing on average between four and seven children everyday to child abuse and neglect”. Also, according to“approximately 70% of children that die from abuse are under the age of 4”. These statics are shocking and sad.most children don’t even get a chance to experience life.
    child abuse1 I’ve asked two of my friends what were their thought on child abuse and what they thought should be done to stop this. These were some of their responses:
1st- “Overall its wrong and since children that are 4 years old and under get harmed the most, that when they go to a day care center (or something) notices something different about them. It can be their appearance, the way they act or even the things they say children say what they hear a lot, so when they say something ‘new’ have a talk with them and the boss to help that child.”
2nd- “I think that child abuse is wrong. I’m not saying you can’t discipline them but only to a certain level. If the abuse is noticeable then you’ve gone to far and need to be in jail.”
In fear of being arrested or having their kids being taken away, people don’t discipline their kids.But what people fail to realize is that its other ways to discipline children.One thing people do is ground their child. Which I think would be better than beating them.  Personally, I think its wrong and I agree with the people that gave their input as well. If you are being abused then a number you can call is: 1-800-4-A-CHILD (1-800-422-4453). Then push the number 1 to reach a hotline counselor that is here to help you 24\7. This number belongs to the Child-help National Child abuse hotline. Please call this number if needed (they can help you)!!

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The Westside Writing Project (WWP) is a youth enrichment program that works to expand the realm of opportunities for area students by providing exposure, guidance and support in areas of digital media and journalism. At a time when texting is the most common form of writing for many young people, and the dominant image of urban youth in the city of Chicago is one of being “at risk” for violence, drugs and educational failure, the Westside Writing Project (WWP), stands out as a powerful model for reaching and teaching our next generation of thinkers and doers. WWP was launched in 2007 on Chicago’s West Side as an after-school program by founding Executive Director Frank Latin. The mission of this largely volunteer initiative is to provide positive youth development by using writing, digital media and journalism as tools for civic engagement, as well as individual and community transformation. Ultimately, our organization gives urban youth from underserved neighborhoods—neighborhoods often dismissed in mainstream media as rife with only drugs, crime, and violence—a distinct voice. We are subtly shifting the lens of media and the look of typical media reporters to demonstrate that youth from at-risk neighborhoods facing critical social and economic challenges have unique perspectives and can deliver those perspectives to broader audiences.

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