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By Ashley Black, St. Charles East

News source: YouTube, New York Times

Background: In October Hendo Hover, a groundbreaking (or should we say, ground defying) company, revealed a hoverboard prototype. Founders Jill and Greg Henderson displayed the technology in a YouTube video introducing a Kickstarter campaign. The technology is still being developed (it can float one inch off the ground), but the Hendersons want to continue their research. Though they set a goal of $250,000 for their Kickstarter, thousands of backers have already pledged over $400,000.

Lesson: A video may seem like solid evidence of an item’s authenticity, but earlier this year, Funny or Die fooled many with a clip promoting the fake “HUVr Board.” However, if you look deeper into Hendo Hover, you’ll find that the New York Times has reported on the operation. While the reputable news source noted that a hoverboard like Marty McFly’s in “Back to the Future Part II” is still far off, Hendo’s research is headed in that direction.

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