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Apple Unveils iPhone 6

By Charlie Connelly, Riverside Brookfield

News source: The Independent, My Fox Chicago, Time

Background: In honor of China’s “Singles’ Day”—a recently created holiday for single people that has become the largest online shopping day in the world—a man reportedly bought 99 iPhone 6s with the intent of setting up an extravagant marriage proposal for his girlfriend. Costing an estimated $85,000, the programmer spent nearly twice his annual salary on the lavish idea. The hopeful husband-to-be arranged the phones in the shape of a heart outside his workplace and stood in the middle with a bouquet of flowers. However, the outcome wasn’t what he anticipated, as his girlfriend rejected the proposal. With the event captured on the Chinese social media network Weibo by spectators, online viewers questioned its authenticity. Was this for real or a promotional stunt for Apple?

Lesson: As with any outrageous story on your Facebook timeline or Twitter feed, you should gather sources objectively to determine if the news is credible. Take each story with a grain of salt and use multiple outlets to put together the big picture. None of the sources for this story quoted the man in question—or even gave his name—so it’s hard to pinpoint exactly what happened, but with reliable news organizations on the case and photos of the proposal, you can confidently label this story true.

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