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GlobalGirl Media reporters went out to the streets of Chicago to find out the different perspectives and the definition of beauty. Among other findings, the reporters witnessed how some men vote for their governmental representatives based on their looks. However, others explained that the reason for the misconception about beauty is because the media portrays women unjustly, as objects, which ultimately deters them from reaching their full liberated potential.

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This video is the second in a series of five called “Justice And Liberty For All” done by GlobalGirl Media in the summer of 2014.

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GLOBALGIRL MEDIA (GGM) is an award winning organization that develops the voice and self-expression of teenage girls in under-served communities by training them to become citizen journalists, harnessing the power of new digital media to inspire social activism and change. The existing gender gap in media, particularly new media, obstructs the ability of women and girls’ to influence change at local and global levels. By linking young women locally and internationally with seasoned reporters, educators and mentors, GGM empowers girls to make media that matters, cultivates new leaders, improves media literacy, and encourages the promotion of healthier media messages about girls and women. It's more than an educational project it is a worldwide vision and movement where young women’s lives, their families and communities are being significantly transformed by our training. Since 2010 GGM has trained 180 young women in three countries: United States, Morocco and South Africa, produced over 200 videos and 300 blogs, and forged partnerships with over 200 trans-media outlets, including web, broadcast, broadband, radio and print.

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