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H.L. Richards

Dear President Obama,

You will truly be missed—by me and many other Americans. Over the past seven years, you have done nothing but make history. Some people fail to see all the great things that you have done for this country, but to me, they are as clear as day. Our country operates under “God Bless America,” and I believe that he has with your presidency. Over these years that you have been in office, you have given the entire country affordable health care, you have dropped the unemployment rate and lowered the price of gas. You brought back troops from Iraq. So many soldiers were able to see their families because of you. You also brought down al-Qaida leader Osama Bin Laden. Where other administrations failed, you succeeded.

I commend you on all of your and the first lady’s hard work. In my opinion, both of you have been more socially involved than any other president and first lady in American history. I believe that being open with the country was really good for the people of America. It let Americans really get to know the president and first lady from a personal point of view. Mrs. Obama’s campaign to get children out and be active was really huge, and I feel like it really helped a lot of children around the country.

I personally am going to miss you being in office, President Obama. Despite the negativity that comes from unsupportive people, I have been able to see all the good things you have accomplished, and I truly do appreciate your work. You have inspired me, a young adult, to be all that I can be, and if you could run for a third term, you would definitely have my vote!

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