What is Why News Matters?


The Mash

With all the junk out there these days, how are you supposed to know what to read, who to believe, when to take action? The wrong stories are going viral and the right ones are getting buried. Why should news even matter to you?

As a publication written for and produced by Chicago-area teens, The Mash understands the urgency in cultivating young people as consumers of the news. But with all of the news clutter accessible to teens, it is a challenge to train adolescent consumers on how to identify credible journalism and connect them to stories that will demonstrate why news matters to them.

Easing the challenge is a work in progress, but that progress starts here at the Why News Matters portal. Established to highlight initiatives of Chicago youth media organizations, the site collects content from these partners of The Mash in one collaborative space.

As partners, we will dive deep into big picture issues like midterm elections and the conflict in Iraq and Syria. We will share youth voices on topics such as mental health, abuse in teenage relationships and gang violence. We will separate the truth from the rumors in our “News vs. Noise” segment.

Together, we have created a unified space for teens to connect with the media and the media to connect to teens. This is why news matters.